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    Hope For Retail: Williams-Sonoma

    Hey everybody. It's Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doc. Thanks for joining me today on my Hope For Retail project where every day I pick a brand that I have a connection with, tell you a little story and then give a shout out to those employees because we have to change the dialogue of: "Retail is dead. Retail Armageddon, retail apocalypse. No one's shopping. There's no Santa Claus."

    And, so today I get to talk about Williams-Sonoma and Williams-Sonoma's a great brand, especially if you're a cook, you already understand who they are. But I found out about them because I was trying to make a cocktail for a friend of mine and it called for lemon zest, and I'm like, "What the hell is lemon zest?"

    So it's like you take a lemon and then you take a grater to it. I didn't know. So one day I'm in Williams-Sonoma and I go through and I find out, Oh, there's actually a little gadget. There's this little tool that you use and what you do is you just drag it across the front and those little pieces - I guess I didn't actually do that to show you that.

    Again. Those little pieces are what lemon zest is. I know. All the things you learn at the Retail Doc, and where else would I have gone for that? Well, I've gone to Williams-Sonoma a number of times and there's a reason they are a $6 billion company with 614 stores. They came through 2019 really strong and all indications are they're going to do even better.

    And I recently was trying to find some new plates and I said, "There's only one place I'm going to go - Williams-Sonoma." And so there's the little brand there. And I wanted something different because I'd been living in Los Angeles and was used to simple greens and I love those big bowls. They always looked great and I didn't want just that basic white, I wanted something different and I knew exactly where I was going to get it.

    And so, Williams Sonoma employees, I just appreciate you out there. You're doing a great job. When I first started following you, when they had all the cookware demonstrations, there was always something cooking and all of those things. And a lot of great mixes, but we go there to treat ourselves. You know, it's interesting.

    Some people have used one of the Nordstrom brother's quote, you know, "We sell things people want, not things people need." Well, that's the key to retail is we all want to have a non-essential retail experience again, because frankly, life is more than toilet paper. So if that's you, you can do the same project to shout out to a brand.

    Make sure that you have the story and then use that hashtag Hope for Retail because I'm telling you every purchase has a story and those little stories are what makes a brand and a brand is people, and I just appreciate you out there Williams-Sonoma employees. Know that we're going to be back.

    We're looking forward to the malls reopening. We're looking forward to finding out new things like a silly lemon zester but most importantly, please meet us with that same hope and expectation. We don't have the luxury of a negative thought. So if you like what I have to say, please give me some comments, share it, and then look for me tomorrow when I come up with another retailer in my Hope for Retail project.

    Thanks so much. I'm Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doc. Bye.

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