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    Hope For Retail: Neiman Marcus

    Hey, it's Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor. Thanks so much for joining me today. I am sharing another post on Hope For Retail. I hope you like it. I hope you're enjoying it. And yesterday I did Macy's and with Neiman Marcus in the news, I figured Neiman Marcus employees and associates, you could use some help. 

    So, I first found Neiman Marcus when I was hired by the Irvine company to work with the Fashion Island merchants in Newport Beach, California. We did a great event. It was up on the second floor there in Neiman's, beautiful store and one of the premier regional malls, well, in the nation probably. And, one of the things that, I liked was their curated assortment of brands. So I went in, and I'm walking down the stairs and I go by men's suits and I see this pair of cufflinks and it catches my attention.

    And as I pick it up, this young woman walks over and she says, "Can I show you how those work?" And I said, "Well, sure." And, so she showed me that these are French cufflinks. And you know, I don't usually wear French cuff shirts, most of you know that, but it actually has an aquamarine, which is the birthstone that I have. There it is right there. And I bought them. And I just wanted to tell you Neiman Marcus employees out there that, that sophisticated design, that sophisticated curated assortment is what gives people the chance to have a story around their purchase about how they got it, as well as who that's for, and even if it's for ourselves.

    And you know, how much is that like, "Oh, I got it on Amazon." Did that take you two minutes? Great. But when someone walks into your store and went through the process of understanding the brand and picking something very special for themselves or for a gift, well, it makes all the difference. And let's be honest, you did 4.7 billion last year. You are probably going to find your way through this. And when you do, I need you to find the hope for retail as well. Because we're going to be greeting you with that list of people we want to buy something for, or for ourselves. And we are going to want to meet someone else who's hopeful. And I need you to find that hope today because frankly, that's what we're missing.

    All we hear is doom and gloom and certainly around your brand, but you are the ones who help us have a story around that purchase. And for that, I'm grateful. And so if you can do this yourself, you know, you can pick a brand that you like. Give a customer story and then use that hashtag Hope for Retail, and hopefully we can start to put some of the what ifs and could haves and oh my gosh, and all that other stuff that we're hearing a little bit more balanced so that we can get through the day and get back to the real job, which is create an exceptional experience for everyone we meet and that's what I'm out to do.

    I hope you'll join me in that. I'm Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doc. I'll see you again tomorrow with yet another brand.

    You can hear and read all of my customer stories in my Hope For Retail project below:

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