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    Hey, it's Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doc. Thanks for joining me here today on Day 18 of my Hope For Retail 30 day project, where every day I pick up a brand, find a story and share it with you because so many of those brands are either furloughed or they've been having trouble, or just face it, retail in general, the news hasn't been so great.

    So today I get to pick Levi's, and Levi's, of course, is a great brand. As a baby boomer, I grew up with it. That was the one brand you had for jeans. And then as things progressed everybody started getting in the jeans business and for awhile Levi's was seen as, Oh, they're being threatened by all these areas.

    And then they really stepped up. And I remember one of the locations I saw in the UK at Milton Keynes Centre, where they had their custom tailor right out in the very front. And I know the CEO has really reinvigorated the whole drive behind the brand. And one of them was located in the new meat packing district in New York.

    And I visited it last summer. I walked in and this wonderful young woman greeted me and we built a dialogue and she told me about the store and what they were trying to do with the brand. And I picked up this shirt, which I will give you a little idea there, has a little moon on it and the back.

    And I said, I think that's too young for me to wear. And she goes, what do you mean? And it's actually a vintage, design that they would have had back when I was a kid. And she said, try it on, which, you know me, if they get what I'm saying, and retail sales training, that the goal is to get someone to try it on.

    Then I tried it on, you know, and it fit, and it's not the price of a regular, just a polo. This is a premium priced, premium product, actually a fleece. And I said, This is really great. And she goes, well you know what would really go well, and pulled out this kind of a off white jean jacket. And I tried it on and I thought, Oh, that's really cool, but you know, I'm going to have rotator cuff surgery.

    I'll leave that and I'll get the shirt. So I got the shirt and I even went back the next day to look at the white jacket again, in the meat packing district because I liked it and I thought it looked so great, but you know, she wasn't there that day. And, so my critical mind took over and it was like, well, you know, with your shoulder, it's going to be a long time before you can wear it.

    And I didn't buy it. And that's my point to many of you who say, Oh, brick and mortar doesn't have much value. Nothing haunts us like things we don't buy. And I still think about that jacket, it's almost a year later, and it was part of a vintage collection. They don't have the same thing, the same fit. It's not around anymore.

    You missed it. And that's the other thing about brick and mortar retail is that you go out, you discover something and you realize that I may not find this again, I should buy it now, and a great salesperson can help you with that. Actually, that's what she did the first time, but I let myself not get what I really thought I would have liked.

    So shout out to Levi's today. I love this. It's comfortable. I just wish I'd bought the darn jacket and not let my critical self say, Oh, you know, you can wait. Nobody wants to wait. We should treat ourselves. So Levi stores, those of you getting ready to open who have been furloughed.

    Just remember that we go in with a sense of hope, and when you meet us with that sense of hope, we have a good time. Ultimately, everybody wins. The store won. Levi's won, I got to wear something different that I've never seen anywhere else again. And just please meet us with that same hope because ultimately we are going to come back. We want to treat ourselves, and you are the ones that make the difference.


    So those of you who follow this, remember that you can do the same thing. Just share a story about a purchase, how you bought it, why you like it, and then share it with hashtag Hope for Retail. There's a lot of bad stories out there about what's coming and everything, but retail will survive because we are out there looking to discover something that says, that's my brand. And thanks. Hats off to Levi's today and I'll see you tomorrow with a special Mother's Day Hope for Retail. Until then remember, in hope I am fearless. It's a we, not a me moment. 

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