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    Hey, it's Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doc. I'm here today with a special Mother's Day Hope For Retail story for you. And I don't have a brand, but it is about a garden center. So when I was a little boy growing up in Toledo, Ohio, my dad stopped by this garden center and he said, We have to get something for Mother's Day.

    So we got out of the car and I'm very small and my dad's looking around and I come up to these two plants and I've never seen anything like it. And the flowers are kind of yellow with little red polka dots on it. And the other one is like a little Aster, but it's like a bluish purple. And I've never seen anything like that.

    And this very nice, young woman walked over to me and said, Wow, what have you've got there? And I said, I don't know, but they're pretty, and she took the time to explain to me that one was a pocketbook plant, that's what the common name of it was. And the other one was a cineraria. Then she went through the way that they both had to grow and they were similar types of plants.

    And then my dad came back and he's like, Well, which one do you want? And the woman said, I think he wants to give her both. And I did. And we ended up giving her both plants and I felt, you know, eight feet tall. I remember that story from over 50 years ago because someone in a brick and mortar store took the time to consider me as an individual, not as something to get rid of.

    And so on this Mother's Day, I just hope that you understand that no matter what you're selling, that ultimately we're selling a feeling and how are we model that to the youngest, to the oldest, to the infirm, the walking, you name it. The more that we realize we are providing that gossamer thread between people, and that's what makes community.

    So I hope that today on Mother's Day, you'll consider that and remember that you can do this project too. Just think of a time, of a story when you had an exceptional experience in a brick and mortar store. And share it on your social media with the hashtag Hope for Retail. Again, as retailers start opening up, I think 43 states will start reopening as of today, Sunday, we have to remember that those early adopters really need to be cared for, not waited on. I'm Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doc.

    Thanks for joining me and I'll see you tomorrow for another Hope for Retail project. Bye.


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