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    How do you handle competitors coming into your store to steal pictures of your inventory?

    Q: "How do you handle competition that just opened two blocks down who comes into our store and steals our vendor labels, takes pictures of our inventory and displays them and orders the same stuff for their store and they're undercutting our prices? She then adds, 'Then is spreading rumors to everyone in town we're closing, which is not true. How do you handle competition bullies in a small town?'

    A: Well, first off, the thing that a bold person would do would be to walk in and speak to the owner and say, 'I understand that this is what's been happening. Is this true?' And then if they say, 'Yes,' or, 'No,' and say, 'I don't appreciate it.' And say, 'Knock it off. There's plenty of business for both of us.'

    But so many get this passive-aggressive thing, they said this and they said that. Just confront it, be done with it. Everything is just a conversation. That is such a great attitude, that it's just a conversation.

    So go over there, make an appointment if you have to, but don't be afraid of it. And don't think that it's bad, just do it.

    But on the other side, you know what? There's plenty of people that can do that off your website and a million other things.

    So I would just say what you don't want to see is somebody walking in and treating you with such disrespect. You wouldn't want the same thing. And if your vendors do that, then you can also consider changing vendors. But this whole set of questions today seems to be wrapped around, 'People are treating me badly.'

    And at the end of the day, a lot of people are treating you badly. So why are we focusing on that? Why is that where we're going? You know, that takes time away from you thinking, 'How do I create a good exceptional experience? How do I make my merchandise stand out? How do I go through and follow my customers so they come back more often and buy more?'

    That's all that it's about because it's easy to go on a buying trip. A lot of you love going to buying trips now? 'Oh, we bought all these new lines.'

    I don't give a crap about you're buying trip. What I care about is how much merchandise is sitting on your floor right now that you're not making money on?

    Because that should make you angry when you put up with a bad employee or you put up with a marketing campaign that doesn't work.

    And somebody was sharing with me this week that some Facebook group was talking about how this one woman puts all these big sales on her Facebook group and giveaways and how great it is she gets all this traction.

    Look, traction means nothing to get likes on Facebook. All that matters for you, and frankly, all that really matters for me at the end of the day is am I going to get a gig from people understanding who I am? Someone is going to sign up for SalesRX or buy a book. If they aren't, I'm not going to keep doing it.

    You know, Lowe's big problem right now is they had such promotional interest to get people in their stores that they aren't converting to buy their merchandise and traffic doesn't mean squat unless they're gonna convert. 

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    o ultimately, you have to decide do you want to go down in the sewer and stay there or address the problem and move on? But clearly you don't feel good enough ignoring it and I can understand why if I saw someone doing that. And frankly, someone has actually gone in and bought my system and tried to copy it as well.

    So I know exactly what you're talking about. But at the end of the day, that's not my focus. My focus is you. And yours should be your customers, not your competition.

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