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    How do you get people to join your email list?

    Q: "How do you get people to join your mailing list? I have MailChimp but I'm hitting a roadblock with getting people to sign up."

    A: Those are two different things. I'm not quite sure what your question is with MailChimp, but for all of you, quite simply, data is where it's at. Everybody understands that the more data, the better. In fact, one of the things that you might wonder, is why Amazon bought Whole Foods? Why does Target have groceries? Why is Walmart adding groceries?

    Because they understand that whoever owns grocery can see an awful lot. How many kids do they have? Do they like sweet things? Are they sick? Are they having trouble sleeping? Did they buy plus size?

    They just buy fresh foods and they don't buy prepared products. They learn a lot about the household with data. The oldest most basic way is to get somebody's email address. I guess the most basic probably would have been their name and address in the old days.

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    But I would look at you and say, "Why should I join your mailing list?" If you can't say it in one sentence, why I should join your mailing list, then you probably aren't gonna get me to sign up and how you ask is also different.

    Do you have a little sign at the counter, like join our mailing list and then you have a sign up where you expect people to sign up. No one is going to do that because they're afraid that someone's gonna take their email address and spam them. 

    I think you have to earn trust before you can do that and I think it's probably easier these days to have people follow you on Facebook before they go through and give you their email address."

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