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    How do I encourage shoppers to use our online shopping website?

    Q: "I have a women's consignment shop. I find a lot of our customers want us to get more items on our online store, but they're just popping in the store to purchase or calling and purchasing over the phone rather than using our website.” I asked her some questions about it, and I said, "So why do you think that they’re doing that?" She says, "Well I don't know. We have store pickup as a shipping option."

    A: At the end of the day, if you don't know why something isn't working, there's a very easy answer. It goes in with my theme, which is just ask your customers.

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    If they come in and buy it from you and they saw it online, just say, "So why didn't you buy it online?" They might say, "Oh, I didn't notice the button, or I didn't know it was an option."

    What they really want is just to know what you have in stock on the website, and that drives them to come in.

    But don't guess, just ask. It's that simple."

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    How do I encourage shoppers to use our online shopping website?