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    Do you have to invest in expensive equipment to do Facebook Live videos?

    Q: "I follow you on Facebook. Do you suggest we invest in equipment to enhance live videos maybe in HD?"

    A: I use a Rio 4K video camera now when I'm at home in New York as well as the Podcaster microphone; they're probably about 200 bucks each. The thing to remember, though, is that your quality of video is as only good as your upload.  Also, unless you click the HD box, most people will see it in a lower resolution. Frankly I seem to get a better resolution when I upload on YouTube.

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    Don't worry about the equipment because quite simply, I've seen people on iPhone 5s do really great Facebook Live videos because it's only about content.

    Just like you, the reason you're tuning in is because of the content, right?

    You're interested in what I have to say. Having great video equipment can help but make sure you have compelling content first. 

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