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    Can You Tell if an Employee is Going to Quit?

    Q: "Can you tell if an employee is going to quit?"

    A: Yes, if you're looking. Here are the signs:

    Suddenly they're not as reliable as they use to be.

    They're showing up probably not as dressed up - not quite as nice as they used to be.

    They might be late and the initiative they used to have is usually gone.

    Here's how to prevent that...

    I always say that the mind goes before the body does. That's why you want to do a written evaluation every 90 days.

    Just going through and saying, "Here's how you were on tardiness. Here's how your average sale was. Here's your sales numbers. What do you think is going right? What do you think you need help with?"

    You need to have that constant dialogue. A review doesn't mean you're going to give them a raise, but you have that constant dialogue to make sure that one day they're not just gone.

    Because, usually, when I find that, it means that they were probably managed in a way that made them feel not so great.

    That's a little hard for some of us to hear sometimes.

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