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    What are the best ways to use social media for a small business with limited time?

    Q: What are the best ways to use social media with limited time?

    A: Pick one platform and do it well. I choose Facebook. I also am on YouTube as well and LinkedIn.

    What do I do? Everything for me is foundational about the blog. I am a writer by necessity. That used to be the only way to get the word out. If I was starting again, I probably would just do video. But your problem with video is most people are going watch it with captions, and that doesn't get your personality across.

    So, the thing I would suggest is pick one of them and master it. If that's gonna be have apparel or things that are really shoppable, then choose Instagram.

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    If it's going to be Facebook, then do Facebook Live like I'm doing and be both educational and funny. You want to be yourself. I try to be funny. Did you see my frog back here by the way? He's just a little over there. I don't know if you can see him that I got from when I was at Portlaoise, all right. Try to have a little something that you can see a little different. A little applause sign up there right above my thumb.

    But whatever it is being authentic is what's going to be the new medium, because you are all expected to be generating content in 2019.

    That means it's your little channel. It's going to be your world that people want to come visit. So, the more you can do it, then the better. I think that's where I would certainly look and then schedule your posts.

    You could be scheduling posts for Christmas right now, so that all that's done when you're in the heat of the moment. You could have uploaded five tips to how to buy for a guy, or the one best way to present a gift to your wife or something like that, and those are all ready.

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