"Boomers and Millennials need to understand each other if they are going to sell to each other.”

Selling to Boomers: How Your Millennial Employees are Impacting Your Store

Millennials man your store while Boomers purchase your products. Don’t lose a sale because of their differences.

Millennials (whom we generally define as between ages 18 - 34 in 2016) are the most studied and talked about generation ever. How are they impacting your store?

Well for one thing they are the most frugal generation in a long time. Do you know how they should be selling to your Baby Boomers?

70% of disposable income is still controlled by the Baby Boomer generation. You can't treat them the same as the Millennial consumer who is more inclined to search and buy online due to price.

Millennials rarely have experienced what Baby Boomers believe makes for a compelling sales presentation. You'll need your team to effectively bridge the retail age gap -especially if you carry luxury or higher priced merchandise.

What are the values important to both age groups? What are the differences?

Join Bob as he compares the two generation groups and gives you tips how to effectively sell value with high customer service to the Baby Boomer generation. 

There is no better or worse generation but each has been shaped by different events in their lives.

Age is just a number. Learn how to bridge the gap.

During this session, participants will learn:

  • How Baby Boomers' history of products as Good, Better and Best impacts their buying.
  • How Millennials' experience has made them price-conscious.
  • Why any untrained price-conscious associate can be devastating to your conversion rates.
  • How to create an exceptional experience for both generations.
  • Why Millennial salespeople are poised, with good training, to do even better than Boomers.
  • And more...

You know how to appeal to Millennials thanks in part to your Millennial-manned store. But do you know how to get the Baby Boomers to buy from them - today - at full-price?

Don't let a disconnect get in the way of your retail success. Bob will teach you how your Millennial retail team can cater to the needs of your Baby Boomer generation clientele. 

Age differences

Age differences between your retail sales team and your Boomer clients can sometimes mean a world of difference when it comes to closing a sale. But don't fret, with Bob's actionable expert retail consulting insights, you and your employees can bridge the age gap and win that sale!

Sell to Boomers

This speech is for anyone looking to increase their conversion rates and a range of products or services that rely on human interaction to sell them.

"Bob’s approach to retail is blunt, real world, growth oriented and passionate as only a true industry veteran can relate. His presentations are highly motivating and his message is pure retail common sense. When you hire him for your event (not “if”), you should put him in as your keynote speaker. As one of our clients said best, “it was smart to have Bob Phibbs’ mindset-oriented topic kick off the day, as it set the tone for a positive experience.” - Brian Field, ShopperTrak

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