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Podcast 215: Nitin Mantani, CEO PredictSpring | It's About Transparency And Convenience

 Bob Phibbs interviewed Nitin Mantani, CEO PredictSpring while attending ShopTalk19. Nitin talked about his early days at Google Shopping, how...

Podcast 214: Chris Bossola, CEO Need Supply | The New Luxury Millennial Customer

 Bob Phibbs interviewed Chris Bossola while attending ShopTalk19. Chris talked about the new Millennial luxury customer he serves, their buying...

Episode 208: Greg Petro, CEO First Insight | Going To Market Smarter

Bob Phibbs interviewed Greg Petro, CEO, First Insight at Shoptalk in Las Vegas. Greg talks about how his company helps entrepreneurs go to market...

Episode 207: Jonathan Treiber, CEO and Co-Founder RevTrax | Getting People Into Stores

Bob Phibbs interviewed Jonathan Treiber, CEO and Co-Founder, RevTrax at Shoptalk in Las Vegas. Jonathan talks about how his company gets bodies...

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