Retail Podcast 304: Dax Dasilva On Creating Change Through Diverse Minds

Dax Dasilva On Creating Change Through Diverse Minds

Bob Phibbs interviewed Dax Dasilva, Founder of Lightspeed HQ and author of Age of Union about how you can create open communication with diverse minds. 

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Dax Dasilva On Creating Change Through Diverse Minds


Creating the Change You Want to See

In this episode of Tell Me Something Good About Retail, I am excited to have Dax Dasilva of Lightspeed on the podcast.

Founded by Dasilva back in 2005, Lightspeed is a cloud-based point-of-sale analytics system for small- to medium-sized businesses. What was once a small team has grown to over 800 employees, with the company having the largest IPO from a Canadian tech firm in nearly nine years this past March.

But on top of all this, Dax was writing a book. The Age of Union. In our conversation, we delve into the lessons Dax means to impart to us. To show us the importance of an environment where every individual has the power to work with others to make the positive changes they wish to see.

Everyone Can Be A “Changemaker”

Okay, be honest with me. Have you ever liked/retweeted/posted something about a cause that you cared about, but then did nothing else?

Many of us are guilty of this.

We do it because it’s easy. We can post and feel good about others agreeing with us without having to take on any responsibility. 

It is the path of least resistance.

However, if we actually want to see change, we must take it a step further. That is what Dax asks us to do. To be the positive change that we wish to see. He emphasizes that we are quick to blame our leaders for the problems in the world, but we don’t often look at ourselves and what is at the root of the problem.

Many people see issues in the workplace but all the responsibility on their leaders to fix them. Dax underscores that you can lead the charge. You can engage with others to solve problems.You can make the change.

How Diversity Can Help You Solve Problems

Diversity has been at the core of Lightspeed’s business from the beginning and a key to its success.

Dax puts it simply, “The differences between one another shouldn’t be sources of fear, they should be things that can be celebrated, elevated, and that can benefit everyone.”

Differences can be a source of conflict. Opinions clash. Different ways of working lead to misunderstanding. That is why many don’t like to work with people who think differently from them. 

Because it can be difficult.

But if you foster a culture of openness and understanding that inspires diversity and diverse opinions, it will not only help you grow as a person, but it will also lead to changes “that can benefit everyone.”

Because everyone grows up with different experiences. Experiences that shape our values and perceptions of the world. That shape how we look at and solve problems. 

When a diverse group of people work together and “listen to other people’s perspectives,” you will find solutions to problems that you never would have on your own

Be What Your Company Needs You To Be

When you have a company that grows as quickly as Lightspeed (no pun intended), the workplace changes quickly as well. As Dax tries to steer this ever-growing and ever changing ship, he must mold himself to what the company needs him to be, he says,“For me, on a personal level, I have to redefine my job every year.”

This is a must for entrepreneurs with growing businesses. Many have the vision but are so personally attached to everything in their operation, that they don’t know how to delegate. They soon find themselves with too much on their plate and burn out.

The best piece of advice Dax has received?

“You can’t have it all on your shoulders.” And it is this ability to let go, to trust his diverse team to communicate and ignite the change that they want to see, that has helped Dax create the wildly successful company that Lightspeed is today.

There is so much more that we talked about in this episode of Tell Me Something Good About Retail, so be sure to check it out. We go into more detail about the concepts in this post, along with stories of how Dax’s spiritual journey has helped him become a better business leader and inspired him to make a positive impact on the world.

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