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SalesRX Is Focused On Results

In a retail environment, everyone needs to speak the same sales language. SalesRX gives your team exclusive access to over 60 sales and management lessons that teach them how to drive KPIs like average number of items per sale and average sales per hour. Armed with a common understanding and a best in class approach, there is no limit to what your team can achieve.

The SalesRX System Includes:

Retail Sales Training

Build your team's retail sales fundamentals. Create a unified approach that earns and maintains rapport with customers, untimately delivering an exceptional customer experience that increases sales for every associate. Watch your team's professionalism and sales grow as they apply the techniques learned from SalesRX. 

Personality Styles Training

Help each of your associates understand how to relate with peole with SaleRX's personality styles training. This training allows your team to gain a better understanding of how to interact with their teammates and customers so they can create real relationships. This knowledge will help them work together as a team, increase sales, and create happy cusomters.

Combating Showrooming Training

We live in an online world. In order to turn would be online buyers into in store purchasers and evangelists, you need sales associates that are able to deliver real value to their customers in ways the internet cannot. These lessons will show your team how to deliver a stellar experience that encourages purchases by creating value in your brick and mortar store.

Management Training

SalesRX management training provides your management team with the skills they need to effectively manage the store, coach their staff, make smarter hiring decisions, and increase the team's sales. The SalesRX system increases the effectivness of your management team, which exponentailly raises your return on investment.


SalesRX makes tracking your team's training progress easy, even when you have multiple locations. Now, management can track, measure, and report on progress to assess trainees daily performance and application of the lessons.

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See how online sales training can address many of your employee training program concerns and how it can build a foundation for continued succcess in your stores.

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See How SalesRX Benefits Large Brands
Our Enterprise Solution Includes:

Certify Your Learning Managers

For larger brands, we offer the option of a specialized, day-long training with The Retail Doctor himself. This training will introduce your Learning Managers to the SalesRX system and ensure that your trainers are ready to roll out the SalesRX system consistently across your organization.

Customize Your Content

For brands that need a more customized training platform, SalesRX has you covered. Get selective which department, or individuals get which lessons, add your logo and other branding elements to SalesRX, or even plan and produce completely customized lessons for your unique training needs.

Kick Off With The Doc

Want to get your whole team hyped up an ready to immerse themselves in SalesRX? The Retail Doctor is available to attend your next sales meeting, or annual event to inspire your team and prepare them to change their thinking and win with the SalesRX system.

Recurring Checkups

As your team begins to apply what they have learned, you may have further questions, or need assistance with specific situations. The Retail Doctor is available for monthly, or quarterly checkups to ensure that you are getting the most out of SalesRX.

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