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How Stores Can Use Their Fitting Rooms To Fight Online Retailers

Bob Phibbs

When I was in high school, Tommy Smith showed up bald one day.

He had shaved off all of his hair and not just on his head but on his legs and arms and chest. 

He was on the swim team, and he wanted to gain the upper hand against our crosstown rivals.

Plenty of other guys on the team had heard about removing their body hair to speed up their times; many had even purchased the razors but never committed to using them.

Apparel shops are a lot like those guys…

They put dressing rooms in their stores only to not use them.

I thought about that today as I was reading Marge Laney’s new book, Fit Happens, Analog Buying In A Digital World (Legacy.) She cited an Accenture study that revealed 70% of online apparel is returned due to fit issues.

Let that sink in a minute…70% returns

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