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Showrooming: 13 Reasons Brick and Mortar Retail Stores Are Susceptible

Bob Phibbs

Showrooming occurs when customers at a brick and mortar store, after having physically touched, smelled, lifted, handled, and most importantly priced your products in person, go online through their smartphones and comparison shop - most often to Amazon.

It's one of the risks I've addressed in my manifesto.

Showrooming to brick and mortar retailers is akin to stealing.

Whether customers do it in the privacy of a deserted aisle, in front of your best employee or in the parking lot walking back to their car, showrooming is causing a lot of executives a lot of worry.

Customers walking into your store no longer are “just looking,” they’re taking your hard-earned reputation, using all the beautiful displays, premium products and employees to cancel out any suspicions they have before they buy online.

To shoppers, it's smart shopping.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Retail Sales Training, showrooming

How To Build Retail Customer Loyalty

Bob Phibbs

Lower foot falls, lower conversions, and lower margins are haunting many retailers from the biggest box to the tiniest boutique.

When I ask retailers what their greatest challenge is they often respond like this, “Keeping customers interested and motivated to shop at our store when they can often order the same items online for a lower price.”

In case there are a few of you who haven’t figured it out yet...

You can’t beat online retailers on price.

There’s always someone cheaper. It wasn’t that long everyone was complaining about how unfair WalMart priced item…

Then why are so many brick and mortar stores so focused on online retailers?

Because brick and mortar retailers aren’t properly leveraging their true advantages.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Retail Sales Training, showrooming, customer loyalty programs,, customer experience

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