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Retail Sales Strategy: How to Turn a Sale Around

Bob Phibbs

Selling in a retail store means there are times you know a big sale is in trouble.

Donna Artz asked me on my Facebook Fan page how to turn a sale around that is "going down the tubes."

This is the kind of retail sales training I do all over the world as part of the Bob Phibbs Experience and can be a complex thing to teach but, address the basics first.

If you’re having a tough time during a sale, pull back and see if there were physical cues things weren't going well.

For example, were either their or yourarms crossed?

How about your legs or theirs? Closed body positions show mistrust.

If it is you, you could be unconsciously telegraphing you are afraid of the customer, the product doesn't do what you say it does or you are wanting to protect yourself because you feel it is so expensive.

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