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Retail Consultant Advice: Raise your prices. Here’s how…

Bob Phibbs


Wow, yesterday’s post “It’s Time To Raise Your Prices – Even Though Everyone Will Tell You Not To” got a lot of attention; just like when I first raised this issue during an interview.

This is the follow-up to both…

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Topics: Retail Consultant, Small Business, pricing

Retailers: It’s Time To Raise Your Prices – Though Everyone Will Tell You Not To

Bob Phibbs

Recently I read a quote from an analyst for Edward Jones who said, “I think we’ve reached the wall in terms of raising prices. Consumers can’t take it any more.”


They’ve stopped putting gas in their cars, supersizing their value meals and foregoing makeup?

Of course not.

Are they asking for “What’s on sale” or for the “deal?”

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Topics: Small Business, Retail, pricing

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