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How To Avoid 5 Sins of a Startup Retail or Franchise Business

Bob Phibbs

I had come to Charlotte to help a business owner considering expansion.

We drove around and she showed me a location down a side street, on the back side of a grocery store with limited visibility.

She told me she expected to be doing $3000-4000 per day. "Why is that?" I asked. She replied, "Because the competitor across the way has a line out the door day and night.

That's startup business Sin#1 - Unrealistic expectations. You're not your competitor.

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Franchise Opportunities: You Still Have To Drive It

Bob Phibbs

I was the CMO for the second-fastest growing company two years running in Los Angeles County.

It was a franchise I hooked up with, taking it from start-up through about 135 locations across the U.S.

I'd tell franchisees during discovery day, "You get out of it what you put into it."

Many franchisees enjoy a great living.Through running a business they are able to use all their gifts to live a life few have the guts to even dream about.

But buying a franchise can come with a steep entry price.

It’s like buying a Maserati (the franchise system) and having to learn how to drive it. If you want the thrill, you have to come to it with a realistic attitude.

Some franchisees buy a franchise and expect it will solve everything; they leave the car in the driveway expecting it to drive itself.

But you can’t buy any business and expect it to run itself.You have to understand it if you want to make money.

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How To Get Your Dealers and Franchisees To Follow

Bob Phibbs

As a retail consultant, one of the most universal concerns I'm asked by major brands and franchisors is, "How can I get franchisees (or dealers) to use the tools we provide for them."

As a former COO and CMO, I feel your compliance pain. You know what they need to do but like an independent teen, they do what they want to do, even though you can see the path they are on is hard. You want the best for them. It's natural to want to just tell them but you could alienate them. I know, I did that with a few franchisees.

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