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5 Ways How To Re-Engage Customers With Email


Here’s How Graymail Is Giving You A False Sense Of Email Marketing Success And Tips On How To Fix It

Imagine you’re at home with most of the lights off watching Game of Thrones. You’re enjoying a nice glass of red wine when you hear a knock on the...

How To Engage Past Customers To Grow Your Holiday Retail Sales


It’s been said it costs seven times as much to attract a new customer as it costs to retain an old one. This post will give you five ideas for...

How Retailers Can Keep Up With Retail Consumer Trends

Trends become opportunities. That’s what I heard when I was an invited guest at IBM’s massive Amplify conference in Tampa a few weeks ago. 


How Your Free Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or Other Email Provider Is Hurting Your Small Business

Are you doing everything you can when you are marketing your small business?

If you still use Hotmail or other free email providers, I would...

7 Tips For Higher Retail Holiday Sales Using Email and Social Media

The four weeks prior to Christmas are when all hands are on deck in a retail store.

Results from all of your buying trips, all of your meetings...

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