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How To Convert Holiday Shoppers Into Loyal Year Round Customers

Bob Phibbs

When I was starting out as a retail manager, I had a new sales guy who was killing it two weeks in a row. Everything he touched turned to gold.

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How To Build The Best Retail Loyalty Program

Bob Phibbs

You have a customer who prefers your brands, your service and your retail store.

How do you reward that loyal customer?

For too many retailers, the solution is some type of frequent-shopper discount program.

Like all other discounts and markdowns, this is a losing proposition for your store and doesn’t really benefit your customers.

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How To Build Retail Customer Loyalty

Bob Phibbs

Lower foot falls, lower conversions, and lower margins are haunting many retailers from the biggest box to the tiniest boutique.

When I ask retailers what their greatest challenge is they often respond like this, “Keeping customers interested and motivated to shop at our store when they can often order the same items online for a lower price.”

In case there are a few of you who haven’t figured it out yet...

You can’t beat online retailers on price.

There’s always someone cheaper. It wasn’t that long everyone was complaining about how unfair WalMart priced item…

Then why are so many brick and mortar stores so focused on online retailers?

Because brick and mortar retailers aren’t properly leveraging their true advantages.

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Rewarding Customer Loyalty Without Sacrificing Retail Profits

Bob Phibbs

Luxury shoppers like special, in-person treatment during their shopping experiences.

That’s why they prefer brick and mortar stores to online shopping - it’s hard to get a meaningful interpersonal experience from a web browser or app.

Standing on the sales floor, luxury shoppers can enjoy being the center of attention and revel in the overall shopping experience.

The goal for brick and mortar stores should be to create an in-store experience that makes these high-end shoppers want to return again and again.

Often in pursuit of this goal, retailers employ customer loyalty programs. These programs are designed to provide exclusive incentives to shoppers who meet minimum standards for spending, store visits, or other criteria.

The question that has to be asked is, are they likely to be profitable?

If a retailers’ margins aren’t high enough, they aren’t.

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