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How To Spring Clean Your Retail Store With This Checklist

Bob Phibbs

One of my favorite stories as a kid was the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. An old sorcerer departs his workshop, telling his apprentice to clean up. Tired of fetching water by pail, the apprentice enchants a broom to do the work for him.

Wouldn’t we all like a sorcerer to help when it comes time for Spring cleaning?

Sure, but Spring cleaning should go much further than simply a bottle of Mr. Clean and some Windex...

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Topics: Retail Sales, Retail, clearance, cleaning

3 Ways To Maximize A Retail Clearance Sale Promotion

Bob Phibbs

My retail sales tips often revolve around how to sell full priced merchandise; and for good reason.

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Topics: Retail Sales, clearance

8 Tips To Grow Your Holiday Retail Sales The Week After Christmas

Bob Phibbs

After Christmas sales can be the difference between profitable retail holiday sales and a bust.

Here are 8 tips to grow your holiday retail sales after Christmas:

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Topics: Retail Sales, Retail Holiday Sales, clearance

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