Retail Sales Training: No Placeholders In Sales Presentation

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A placeholder in graphic design is a stand-in for the real image. In retail sales, it is a stand-in for real conversation.

We only have maybe 60 seconds to build trust with a customer, so why do your employees willingly waste their time with phony placeholders that don't move the conversation along?

How are you today?

Let me know if you need help.

Looking for anything special?

Why are they placeholders?

They put off those precious moments when you could bond with someone, share something about yourself, or just enjoy meeting a new person.

Many times this leads to being a robot. We don't get people to talk to us, in fact, they often avoid us.

So what exactly is a greeter supposed to do?

  • Give the impression a store owner would; that the greeter and store care about the customer,
  • Make them feel valued and appreciated,
  • Get customers to let down their guard and open their wallets.

There are five parts to a greeting in my sales process, and the greeting is absolutely essential to developing a relationship.

The problem with stationing a person at the door is that they are just like a carnival barker trying to pretend they are genuinely interested in you.

They are dehumanized to become one step up from an electronic eye that dings when people walk in.

It also heightens anxiety in shoppers as they know they will have to "deal" with the greeter and either politely engage - and be phony - or ignore them. Neither of which anyone wants to do.

My problem is these greeters' words become placeholders.

They don't move the sale along.

They aren't helpful; they are just talking for talk's sake.

Time Is Short

Shoppers are more mistrustful of employees than ever. More time-starved. More wary. So you only get maybe six sentences with them at best.

Why would you choose to use a placeholder which does nothing?


Employees aren't choosing. They either were told what to say or were left alone to figure it out.

Either way, they use up valuable time with mindless chatter.

Do you want to increase sales?

Be genuine.