Handling A Difficult Customer's Complaint

By Bob Phibbs

difficult customerFrom the Retail Doc's Facebook Fan page:

Q."I am in the automotive repair and I am very good at what I do. I had a customer come in for a convertible top replacement. To make a very long story short- They expected other work done for free. I explained to them what was entailed in the extra work and they went ballistic because I would not adjust the door glass and what ever parts they needed for free. Now they are bad mouthing me everywhere on reviews and the BBB. Not on the work performed, but on my bad "customer service."

Even though I kept my cool and calm over the whole 2 hours with them, I now have to answer to the BBB why I am a nasty, rude, foul mouth person and my business should be shut down.They even went as far to say that I was going to bust their 1973 corvette up! Which I never in a 1,000 years would think of. I have been in business for 21 years - and this is the first time I have ever encountered this kind of customer.

A. Wow that's tough. Since I wasn't there, it's hard to know what to do. My short answer: nothing. There are jerks in the world, accept you did what you thought best, perhaps there is something you could change - make a note of it- and move on.

That said, if you want to go further, do a Google search for your name or the name of your business and find any and all reviews they might have posted. Look at yahoo.com, yelp.com boorah.com and kudzu.com for starters. Answer any accusations in a fact-based manner. I've seen this on TripAdvisor.com with a hotel that received a terrible review stating all kinds of things. The owner responded to their points, apologized but also corrected them in saying the property "bait and switched."

There are millions of people just itching to get their hurt out into the world and vent that it is your fault. If it is, accept responsiblity for what is yours but don't let them get away with trash-talk.

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