Case Study: Using The Best Retail Consultant

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Updated February 21, 2024. Even though I am a Driver personality, I don't regularly use my blog to tout my services.

The challenge is that I assume everyone knows what I have done or could do for their company - which is not always true.

So today, I want to share a case study about Creative Kidstuff, a company with multiple locations. The CEO saw me speak and approached me afterward, asking, "How can we work with you?" I asked him to call me. He did - twice - before I got on my plane home that weekend. I'll let the CEO take it from there...

"When I saw and heard you speak, it felt like you slapped me out of a dead-lock - and really challenged my thinking. You see, we had become bogged down in survival. And it wasn't a healthy place to be...

Not for me as the leader or my team.

I needed someone to help me work ON my business and help me hear and observe what was going on. I was looking for a shift change in who we were. I had a hunch you could help us with your bluntness and track record.

At that first meeting with staff, I heard things that needed to be changed and updated and looked at - and behaviors that had to stop- namely the discount game of both prices and people...

With Bob's help, we aligned our staff into better responsibilities, changed our marketing plan, put together a training program, and re-trained 200 employees using your comprehensive sales training program with several training lessons on product knowledge.

As you stated over and over, "NO MORE KUMBAYaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. We needed everyone to perform, not survive, so performance standards were set with ways to monitor.

As it rolled out, we experienced a huge CULTURE CHANGE with both resistance and excitement at the same time.

Yes, some people were let go and some people didn't want to change and left on their own. But we achieved what we wanted. Within months, a new standard was set.....

Our mystery shops are consistently at the top, and we know what we have to work on to continue to thrive. Oh yes, I'm sleeping better and enjoying my job more.

To other business owners, you can't stop- you need to retrain and reward your employees for the hard work and momentum that must be created in your business. You must also be relentless on what you need to follow up on.

And the proof? Our stores are all up with the main store up 18%, two others up 14%.

Remember, you can't give up. You need to inspect what you expect, and you need to drive your business, not wait for it to happen. Oh yes, and have FUN...

Final thought? TAKE THE TIME TO WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS! You will lighten your load."

Does your business, franchise or chain need to get to the next level?

If you are ready to change your destiny, just remember the Retail Doctor makes house calls.