14 Small Business Saturday Marketing Ideas For Retailers

By Bob Phibbs

iStock-1148226683-SBSWhen Small Business Saturday began nearly a decade ago (thanks to American Express as a marketing campaign for cardmembers), few retailers took notice or were looking for marketing ideas.

Now with 18 billion in sales attributed to that day in 2018, smart retailers are looking for how to stand out and capture more of the Buy-Local Movement the day after Black Friday.

Unfortunately, many recommendations out there are only aimed at creating storewide promotions and deep discount sales. That's not what I recommend for smart retailers as it squanders why shoppers are coming to you in the first place, instead of going to big-box stores. 

While there are several additional posts like this one and this one, here are some of the best ideas I’ve seen.

14 Small Business Saturday Marketing Ideas For Retailers

1. Bundle your merchandise. It's as easy to offer 20% off your entire store as it is to swipe your customer's credit card. Resist the urge. Shoppers will be out spending their money, and you want to attract those who are looking for something other than just a cheap price. There's always someone cheaper, whether online or down the street. Instead, find products you can you bundle together as one purchase. Even if it is a gift card to your business, it is a much better promotion than a generous storewide discount because it gets customers back into your store to spend it.

2. Buy from other small businesses. It’s fine to ask for donations but why not patronize your other small businesses? Halley Jones at The Purple Goose in Verona, Wisconsin, went around town and purchased $10 gift cards to other local businesses and put them on her prize wheel for Small Business Saturday (SBS). She spent about $300. When the businesses heard about it, they were pleased as well.

3. Give back to a local non-religious charity. Collect donations. Have your Main Street fund new uniforms for the high school choir, plant a park, trim the trees - you name it. Customers feel good when they see businesses making their local world a better place.

4. Band together with other small businesses. Hold a meeting with your other local businesses to create a fun marketing strategy. You can see how Canyon Main Street in Texas held a scavenger hunt. You can create a Small Business Passport like they did in Detroit or discover more ideas here

5. Get shoppers’ names. Use this opportunity to get those who visit you to join your Facebook page. Have them sign up for your newsletter on a dedicated iPad by the register. Getting their names and social follows is critical as you need to stay in contact with these shoppers long after the Thanksgiving leftovers have all been eaten.

6. Lose your cynicism. Let me be frank here, small business owners; it doesn't help the shopping experience or your local businesses when you bemoan the weather, the foot traffic, or politics - especially within earshot of consumers. It's called the holiday season, not the headache season.

7. Create and share positive energy. Share stories of someone being kind, of something a customer is doing for someone else, of a positive interaction you had with a shopper the day prior. This helps create a shopping experience that looks for the good in everyone. That is essential when trying to turn harried shoppers into loyal customers.

8. Train your employees on how to sell your merchandise, not just clerk it. See any of my books or my online retail sales training program SalesRX.com.

9. Use social media to help shoppers give you user-generated content. Choose one or two social media channels like Facebook Twitter or Instagram and create a short hashtag you can track like #shopsmallJennysGifts for your gift store. By including a custom hashtag in your social media posts, you'll easily be able to find them by searching for your hashtag.

Post a couple times now on your social media platforms and throughout the days leading up to Small Business Saturday to prepare your followers to be engaged.

Encourage them over the weekend to share stories about their shopping in your store or community using your custom hashtag. As a bonus, you'll have a lot more pictures showing how exciting your place is to shop which will help your marketing in 2020. Lauren Crews with Heart Strings Gifts in Princeton, West Virginia, has each visitor check-in on Facebook, tag her business, and then take a selfie of themselves with their Christmas wish from her store.

If you really want to help spread the word, Jill Reicks with Inspired to Sew in Cedar Rapids, IA takes a selfie of every visitor with a team member and a sign that says, "I love making This Small Business Thrive...Thank You for Being Inspired To Sew."

Loring Kohrt with Belmont in Phoenix, AZ advises doing Facebook Live videos and Instagram Live videos as well as TikTok and SnapChat to show what they have in stock waiting for their lucky customers them on SBS. Make sure you boost your posts too!

10. Feed your shoppers. It’s no mystery that many Chamber of Commerce stroll and savors or First Friday events feature free food; shoppers are drawn to it. Tammy Clarke-Organ with Madison Mackenzie Home in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland serves Mimosas and Bagels from a local bakery and thanks everyone for Shopping Local and Supporting Small Business. Tammy Beideman at Sweet Elizabeth Jane in Ellicott City, Maryland offers a hot chocolate bar.

11. Give them a chance to win something. Kerry Witbrod with Chic and Unique Boutique in Burlington, WI serves wine and locally made cookies, with a free entry into a drawing for a highly desired item (a Coach handbag).  Mary Ann Hanlon, owner of Mary Ann's Dance in Easthampton, MA is hosting her annual Ugly Sweater Party that involves a contest on FB.  

Even just giving everyone free gifts like tote bags can go a long way to being remembered. 

12. Get your in-store signage up and make sure it ties in to SMB. Use the Shop Small Studio event kit from American Express to create free, customized posters, emails, and special signs for your brick and mortar store.

13. Entertain passersby. It’s always tough to attract shoppers to your store. Using your display windows effectively, rolling out a red welcome mat, and using planters to define your doorway are all good... but nothing attracts like music. Owners Rusty and Drew with the Green Monkey in Clayton, North Carolina have a small band quartet playing Christmas carols on their sidewalk. 

14. Make shoppers smarter. Find fun ways to teach your customers so they become raving fans. Patric Richardson with the Laundry Evangelist in the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN does laundry camps all day. Staff will be helping answering questions about getting out stains from the holiday. They’ll teach how to wash the unwashable and how to take care of your clothes and textiles at home. Michelle Crompton Renda at Trading Place in Dublin, Ohio gives demos all day on tree trimming and garland design.

These ideas are not limited to just one day. Let me emphasize they can all be used throughout the holiday season and with variations all year round. 

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In Sum

Small Business Saturday, November 30, is a great Main Street event that kicks off the shortened holiday shopping season. 

Once you have your game-plan, even if it is last minute, reach out to your local media and give them a hook on how you are using social media channels to market your business smarter or how you are building your local community with other merchants and even pop-up shops.

Your customers want to be seen supporting small businesses, and not necessarily just because you had special offers or a giveaway. Use this downtown event so your independent businesses appear bigger, attract more customers, and deliver an exceptional customer service experience for everyone who gives you a chance at their business.

Even without a lot of planning or extensive research into your target audience, your small business can do many of these free marketing ideas right now to boost the fun in-store and help compete with online retail bandits.

I have a free download (with registration) for how to pitch your media about your involvement with Small Business Saturday right here

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