10 "What" Questions Retailers Ask About Retail

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Updated April 4, 2024

Staying ahead in a dynamic space like retail means constantly questioning and refining your approach. We're diving into the crucial "What Questions" that retailers frequently ponder, providing you with the insights and strategies needed to navigate today's retail landscape effectively.

What does great customer service look like?

Great customer service creates an exceptional experience and shouldn’t look like anything when done right.

The customer should know they are the most important person in the world for those few minutes. Your employees should be inclined to meet new people, share something about themselves, and help someone treat them open-heartedly.

All that should be so seamless that all the customer thinks when walking away or hanging up the phone is Wow! That was an exceptional experience!

What are brands actually selling?

A feeling. The best brands can be captured in a few words, much like a movie’s main theme. For E.T., it was getting home; for most detective films, it’s finding the girl. For consumer brands like Ralph Lauren, it’s an idealized Americana; for Prada, it’s the luxury lifestyle; for Eddie Bauer, it is the spirit of adventure. Brands that you can’t quickly pinpoint the feeling they are selling will struggle.

What are the positive results of a great location?

A great retail location is the difference between success and failure. You can lease a shop 100 feet off the main drag in your hometown to save money, but you’ll give those savings back in promotions, ads, and a constant drive to get people in the door. Leasing a killer location next to a busy restaurant will only help if you can be open all the same hours.

What are sales techniques?

Much like the outline of a book, retail sales techniques tell the associate how a sale should progress from greeting the customers, building rapport, showing them around, presenting the merchandise, closing the sale, and inviting them to return. These sales techniques ensure a thoroughly satisfying shopping experience. Without retail sales training, employees view sales as hit or miss.

What are the three best ways to approach a customer at a store?

  • Smile before you do anything.

  • Meet their eyes.

  • Say, “Good morning.”

What is something I should know about opening a store?

It will take longer to become profitable than you think; ensure you have enough money. You don’t want to treat every customer like they have to buy something or no one will.

What attracts customers to a store?

Customers want to be where it is busy. New stores and newly remodeled stores attract customers, just like new merchandise. That’s partly why location is key and why training your employees to move throughout your store is so important. Shoppers want to see that they won’t be the only ones in that store.

What is easier to increase, sales or foot traffic?

It is easier to increase sales because sales depend not on getting more customers but on getting more out of the customers you already have. Marketing stops at the front door, and there is little an employee can do to alter foot traffic. But once a customer steps through your brick-and-mortar doors, a well-trained salesperson can increase conversions dramatically.

What is a five-finger employee discount?

Employee theft. A hand takes the merchandise and hides it, i.e., steals it.

What is retail merchandising?

Also referred to as visual merchandising, this describes how you arrange the products in a store. It could be everything from the display fixtures and signage to the type of products and how they are displayed.


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