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Join successful companies like Brother, Hunter Douglas, Paul Mitchell, and Trek who hired Bob Phibbs aka the Retail Doctor to speak to, train, and motivate your sales team to increase your retail sales. 

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The retail world is undergoing a seismic shift. Even major luxury brands are slashing their workforce and closing doors in response to new retail challenges. The retail industry is letting online shopping win by trying to fight tech with tech, rather than focusing on and fixing the in-person experiences that give brick-and-mortar stores real advantages.

This is the wrong approach. Since 1994, The Retail Doctor has been transforming businesses big and small into thriving retail operations by giving them the tools to succeed in a challenging brick-and-mortar retail market.

Bob Phibbs is a 30+ year retail master with a proven track record to help you lift sales, turn your retail staff into real salespeople, and get more out of your store traffic with innovative retail marketing tactics.


Bob is a dynamo...He’s uniquely attuned to the needs of modern retail businesses in a hyper-competitive environment and brought a wealth of powerful strategies and ideas that the audience could act upon. A masterful presenter for galvanizing retailers and delivering take-home value

Director of Professional Development for NAMM

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The Retail Doctor Has Helped Hundreds Of Brands Achieve Sales Success

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Why Choose The Retail Doctor? Meet Bob

I wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for Bob Phibbs.

Mike Sheldrake

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Bob knows his stuff. Named one of the top retail influencers of 2016, Phibbs is also an American Express merchant advisor, IBM retail futurist, and RetailWire BrainTrust partner.

He and his work have appeared on ABC, Fox, MSNBC, and PBS, and featured in articles in Entrepreneur, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. He also performs business makeovers for the Los Angeles Times and received the highest sales increase award from the #1 mall in America.

With over thirty years’ experience creating proven sales increases of 20-50%, The Retail Doctor can help bring your suffering retail organization back to excellent health.

Retail Doctor CEO, Bob Phibbs

The #1 Retail Sales Speaker Delivers The #1 Online Sales Training Program

With SalesRX, you and your sales team can:

  • Stop settling for mediocre sales performance

  • Increase your average ticket price

  • Banish sales-killing habits on the floor

  • Learn to overcome objections

  • See your close rates soar

  • Create exceptional customer experiences

  • Take on showrooming (and win)

  • Master cross-generational and cross-personality selling

  • Avoid ineffective, money-wasting training programs

  • Sell more in-store

You know your material and the challenges that people will present when they do not want to make the change or do the work to retrain themselves and their staff. That is invaluable in countering the arguments and objections. My only regret is that we didn't do it sooner.

Senior Director Brand Retail Operations, Lego

How SalesRX Works in 60 Seconds

The Retail Doctor Treats Common Retail Ailments

  • Lack of consistent training or sales certification processes

  • Showrooming & other side effects of online shopping

  • Needing to take your best people off the floor to train new staff

  • Destroying your own margins with discounts and door-crashers

  • Profit-killing cross-generational and cross-personality selling mistakes

  • Employees being product knowledge robots instead of trusted advisors

  • Too many browsers and not enough buyers

  • Clerking and hiding behind the counter because of low sales motivation

  • Knowing you need to change to survive, but not knowing where to start

  • Tired old retail marketing tactics

The Retail Doctor Has Helped Hundreds Of Brands Achieve Sales Success