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retail sales trainingRetail sales training is one of the things I’m most known for so here are twelve of my most popular articles based on my in person-training to help you make more sales:

Retail Selling Tips: How to Turn a Sale Around

If you’re having a tough time during a sale, pull back and see if there were physical cues things weren’t going well. For example, were either their or your arms crossed?

How about your legs or theirs? Closed body positions show mistrust.

If it is you, you could be unconsciously telegraphing you are afraid of the customer, the product doesn’t do what you say it does or you are wanting to protect yourself because you feel it is so expensive.

If it is the customer who is closed, READ MORE

Retail Sales Training: How To Sell Formula: SW, SW, SW, N

What’s wrong with old-fashioned selling? It’s pushy, it’s aggressive, it sizes you up immediately either into a sucker or a tire-kicker. The salesperson needs you more than you need the sales person. The trouble is everyone hates it.

You hear it when they reference used-car salesman, say “He could sell ice to Eskimos,” or compare them to “Insurance salesmen, I don’t trust the lot of ‘em.” But most salespeople are not like that, READ MORE


Retail Sales Training: How To Deal With Survivor Guilt In Your Salesperson

I received this email, “Bob, my staff is going through your Sales Rx training. During one of the training sessions, we revealed a barrier that we need to address -guilt – of all things! As we discussed barriers, one employee admitted that she sometimes feels guilty selling high-end items when she doesn’t think the customer can afford it.  Yikes!!

Another said that she can relate to that. One employee’s husband was READ MORE

Retail Sales Training: How To Add-On To Any Sale

Once the customer has selected the main product, you have three options to get additional product out the door:

  1. Make them see something else that makes the first purchase better.
  2. Scare them they may need something else.
  3. Fold your tent.

The first is a great one if you sell flooring, apparel, window fashions or anything where there are substantial ways you can make it perfect. Use the cake analogy. READ MORE

Retail Sales Training: Grow Retail Sales With Analogies

Longtime readers know I spent a lot of time in the coffee business.  One of the drinks we offered was the iced, blended mocha.  As we opened up new markets, many times new customers had no idea what that was or tasted like.  Since it was one of the best ways to increase average check, we had to get customers to try it without slowing down the line.

While one could say, “It’s made from cold-brewed coffee, milk chocolate and ice with whipped cream,” customers’ eyes would glaze over.

That’s why we had to teach the barristas to say, READ MORE

How Will This Retail Sales Training DVD Help Your Company?

“How are you today?” as those words are the quickest way to kill a sale.  That’s because they force someone to be in-genuine.

I know I’m dealing with this phenomenon when potential clients tell me all they need are “better ways to close the sale.” The trouble is, by the time the close happens, they don’t realize their part in stopping the sale. That’s why I created a two-DVD product READ MORE

10 Retail Sales Training Tips

Everyone sells whether they call it that or not. There’s not a thread of clothing you are wearing, a drop of coffee you are drinking or a piece of furniture you are sitting on that wasn’t sold to someone. Use these ten tips to make sure you get the most from yourself and your crew:

1. Set the expectation. Before you READ MORE

Retail Sales Training: The Difference Between I can and I won’t

I was on the sales floor, conducting a Retail Selling Boot Camp for a client in Minneapolis recently when I came to a roadblock. I was coaching a young woman on the new greeting we were going to use. She half-heartedly tried again and again and kept saying after each, “I can’t do this.”

I told her, “Stop saying that. You are making it a READ MORE

Retail Sales Training: Can’t Close Expensive Items Because You’re A Fraud?

Are you a fraud? Are you asking customers to purchase something you yourself wouldn’t because it is “too expensive?” I was.

While I was finishing college,  I applied for a job at a western wear store. It was actually a growing trend back when Dallas and Dynasty were just beginning their meteoric rise.

I aced the job interview but when they asked if I wore western wear I confided I READ MORE

Retail Sales Training: Sears Top Down – No Discount

OK, You might have noticed in my previous post that I got a bit upset about the appliance rebate program coming at us this fall. Apparently America can’t shop without a discount.

We have taught customers that printed price is irrelevant, someone somewhere will pay you to buy whatever it is. The retail landscape has become like Monty Hall’s game show from the sixties,  Let’s Make A Deal or a third-world bazaar. Some of the READ MORE

Retail Sales Training: Picture Regret

I was speaking at the Sturbridge Inn & Convention Center in Massachusettes recently and had to print something at the business center. A guy was on the one computer checking email quickly and then a woman and her daughter got on. They were searching for something to do with dolls. After about 10 minutes I saw they were searching for a particular Ugly Doll they had seen. The website didn’t have it and the mom was getting READ MORE

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