The Retail Doctor is In!

Looking for a retail consultant with a proven track record to help you lift you sales, train your crew or create buzz with your marketing? You’ve found the right person.

Services I offer:

  • Retail Sales Training
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Personality Style Training
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Customer Service Training
  • Complete Business Makeover
  • SKU Rotation
  • Retail Management Training
  • Marketing Strategy

Doing Your Homework

Hiring a retail consultant for the first time can be a bit daunting whether you are a major brand, a regional chain, a franchise or a small business, so doing your homework is smart. That’s why I’ve provided actual case studies and testimonials to help you evaluate me as your retail consultant; because previous clients see remarkable results.


Read These Testimonials

“I wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for Bob.”

–Mike Sheldrake, Polly’s Gourmet Coffee

“Your consultation was just what we needed! ”

– Carl Towley, CEO PowerBlock

“Bob is a unique gem in the sales training world”

– Rob Morrison, Lumber Liquidators

“Bob cuts to what really matters in retail”

– Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Canadian Booksellers Association

Getting started:

Step One


It all starts when I get that first email or call from you. People say I’m approachable and honest. Feel free to get in touch. Even if you just have an idea you want to talk about. And if after we chat you don’t think I’m right for you, I’ll be happy to recommend other resources who might be exactly what you’re after.

Step Two

Proposal & Price

At this stage I’ll identify the results you are looking to enjoy and discuss how you could achieve them. I’ve been doing this since 1994, so chances are I’ve previously dealt with several issues similar to what you’re after and I’ll be able to use that as a guide in order to put together an initial estimate.

Step Three


I’ll collect any collateral like your existing training materials, handbooks, marketing materials, etc. so that I can draw up a plan to either update those materials or create new ones. This could be anything from creating new training programs, marketing strategy or a complete business makeover.

Step Four


Once we have created the initial program, for example retail sales training, I’ll ask you to not only go through it but test it with a crew member so we can make any changes before too much time and effort have been invested. The materials are finalized and I come out to meet or train your crew or dealers.



Again, every client is different but it all starts with the Enquiry. Use the form to the right to start your dialogue with Bob.



Can I hire you for a day rate?

Sure, this is a la carte usually used for strategy meetings, retreats and the all-day retail sales training sessions that clients call The Bob Phibbs Experience.

Do you work with companies like ours?

Don’t underestimate the worth of finding a retail consultant that fits your personality style. It is rare you only use them once. I like to get to know my clients. Some of my longest-standing ones have been working with me for more than ten years.

Do you specialize in retail?

I have been called the “Swiss army knife of retail” because clients seek me out with a variety of issues from improving their financials, margins and pricing, to display, signage and merchandising, to marketing on the web, social media to, of course, my retail sales training programs and business makeovers as part of my Business Success Program.

Will it cost a lot?

“You get what you pay for” is a phrase well worth considering when choosing a small business consultant. We won’t know how much it will cost until we agree on the scope of what you both need and can afford. If I can’t meet one or the other, I’ll recommend some sources for you.

Do you do all the work?

I don’t outsource if that is what you mean. I can give you the plan, the tools, the processes, the Ferrari training program – the works. I call my clients partners because we both depend on the other. I’m only successful if you are but you will need to commit to making the changes you tell me you want to make.

Are you big enough to work for us?

My fresh take on some daunting problems has led to innovations and new, profitable directions for my clients. That’s why some of the largest brands in the world have worked with me because I’m not bound by the silos within their own organizations.

Are you too big for me?

I always have space for smaller chains and individual retailers either via phone or in-person.