The Retail Doctor is In!

To be able to sell more, especially luxury goods, you need the best retail sales trainer – in person – in short, the Bob Phibbs Experience.

What is the Bob Phibbs Experience?

Quite simply a radical revolution in sales training.

Instead of focusing on the old ABC: Always Be Closing, Phibbs shows how sales are most often lost much earlier in the interaction because the customer for your luxury brand, service or product simply doesn’t trust you.

No amount of closing tricks, gimmicks or techniques are going to be shared by Bob, in fact just the opposite…


Because any customer can feel you using them on them. Like stepping into the remains of the dog at a local park.  That’s why the Bob Phibbs Experience continues to get such rave reviews

“If you want to witness something amazing and totally different you ought to catch Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor. This seminar is highly motivating and thought provoking…My customers and theirs could not get enough of this energetic seminar filled with tons of exercises that truly get you to thinking about your business, while also keeping the passion…It was assumed that there was not much more you could do to get your customers excited, but with Bob’s tips on thinking outside of the box and five steps to selling; there has been a shift in paradigm. If I hadn’t been there to witness it myself, I wouldn’t believe it.” – Anissa Burrell-Butler, Sales Program Manager, Tru Vue

The Bob Phibbs Experience comes from the core idea customers are people first, then customers.  When you alter your approach from selling your product or service to exploring how people communicate, your team will engage customers more effectively, honestly and joyfully.  Phibbs clients have proven it time and time again. Especially the ones selling items and luxury goods worth thousands…

“Bob, today was my first day back at work since attending your training. I used your steps and sold a $34000.00 watch. The client thanked me for giving him a store tour and for not judging him because he was casually dressed. Thanks!” – Jose Rodriguez

Here’s what The Bob Phibbs Experience includes:

  • Learning the 4 personality styles
    • How to recognize them in a customer
    • How to become a chameleon so you aren’t leaving money on the table
  • Phibbs successful Five Parts to a Successful Sale
    • The Greeting
      • The words to use to begin any encounter on the floor, in your showroom, the clients’ home, or on the phone
      • Which attitude builds sales, which kills it and how to consistently make yours deliver the sale
      • How to let customers settle and how not to spook them to leave
      • The crucial questions to avoid and what to say to build trust further
      • How to showcase all of your store in a simple format that can be used with all of your customers
    • Windows of Contact
      • The “secret sauce” that makes all of it work
      • How to recognize when they appear whether in-person or on the phone
      • How to decide which windows to go through – and which to avoid
    • Your question
      • What to say, and what to avoid in your unique situation to get customers to “open up” to you
      • What role it has in the sale to continue the work you’ve done in the previous two parts
    • Features and benefits
      • Yes, its the same idea and what you’ve probably thought you knew
      • What gets mentioned, what doesn’t and what many people who sell commonly mis
    • Closing with an add on
      • The sale naturally happens if you approach it right and built trust
      • Common objections handling
      • Where the profit in the sale comes from
  • Presentation is everything

Whether they are a team of veteran salespeople, newbies or a combination, by the end of the training, employees will be able to:

  • Sell from Confidence
  • Adapt their communication style with that of the customer
  • Handle difficult, demanding, and challenging customers who can not only ruin the day but can ruin the salesperson’s self-esteem

A full-day Bob Phibbs Experience includes how to manage your sales team and train.

You’ve searched for the magic bullet with enough promotions to kill an army. Aren’t you tired of shooting arrows into the air hoping they’d land? Don’t you want to close more sales again and again? Of course you do!

Enter a bit of information and let’s get selling!