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Retail Sales Training

Every brick and mortar retailer wants more shoppers. But you don't just want to get bodies in the store if you don't know how to convert them into customers. In order to build your retail sales, you’ll need to create and fine-tune a retail sales training plan, assess your employee associates, choose the best systems to help you, and inspect what you expect. Here's how to get started… and a whole lot more.Read More About Retail Sales Training

Retail Sales Training Online

It is great to have a retail sales strategy that stresses the need to engage every shopper to get every sale, but the devil is in the details. How are you going to make sure every retail associate understands your unified selling process? How do you get them to adopt it as their own, and what is necessary to make retail sales training a success? Online training holds the potential to give you all of that as well as higher conversions and higher units per transaction. This post will serve as a primer, an in-depth look at all that goes into making a online retail sales training program successful.  Read More About Retail Merchandising

Retail Customer Service

Online retailers have been obsessed about their customer service since they began. Brick and mortar retailers have let theirs slide. As a result, retailers are exploring a new way of delivering an exceptional experience. This report serves as a tactical primer for retailers looking to raise conversion rates and customer service metrics.  Read More About Retail Customer Service

Retail Sales Strategies

Everyone wants more shoppers, more high-value customers, and more profit. In order to build a successful retail selling strategy, you’ll need to understand how to engage a stranger, how to build rapport and get someone to trust you, how to present the value over the price of your merchandise, how to close the sale and how to follow-up so customers become raving fans. The key with implementing a retail selling strategy is not just to understand it, but actually commit to use it with each and every shopper.Read More About Retail Sales Strategies

Retail Merchandising

Retail merchandising is necessary for brick and mortar retailers to be able to compete with online shopping sites. And yet, a lot of retailers would be hard-pressed to answer the question, what is retail merchandising? Retail merchandising covers everything from how you visually arrange your merchandise to the traffic patterns in your store, how you display items to promote add-on sales, to signage, and for apparel retailers - the power of the fitting room. It is all behind the scenes data collection that proves what is effective and what isn't. This post serves as a tactical primer for retailers looking for visual merchandising strategies and ideas. Read More About Retail Merchandising

Retail Resource Center

The Retail Resource Center contains some of the leading retail eBooks and whitepapers I’ve created to help you identify and address the real issues behind lower sales, poor customer experience, and disengaged staff.

Learn your unique selling personality, how to win at e-mail marketing, tips to create a great training strategy for your team, and much, much more.Visit The Retail Resource Center