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Why It’s So Hard To Get Retail Employees To Upsell – And How To Get Them To Do It Anyways

I was buying a small electronic item when the cashier asked me, “Do you want to buy the extended warranty?” I replied, “No.” She then continued,...

How To Increase Retail Sales With Just One Upselling Question

It's gift season.

Everyone is rushed.

Looking for a shortcut.

The magic promotion.

All of this comes from wanting one thing: a profitable year.

How To Increase Retail Sales KPIs: Ditch Being Passive

A quick walk through the mall shows retailers are trying to increase revenues with some fairly dramatic sales this summer.  

But sales can hide...

10 Retail Selling Tips

My retail sales training programs - either in-person or online - start from the idea everyone sells - whether they call it that or not.  (You can d

3 UpSelling Tips for Retailers

Upselling is about challenging customer preconceptions and getting them to see the value behind every product you sell.

Most customers aren’t...

Selling To Guys: Why Men Would Rather Go To A Breastaurant

OK, I hope this doesn't come off sexist as that is not my point of these two "selling to men" blog posts.

Men are social animals.

That’s why they...

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