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5 Giant Takeaways To Heed From Sears Withering Bankruptcy Tale

You can’t open a webpage, a newspaper, or turn to your video channel without someone somewhere coving the story that Sears went into bankruptcy...

How To Stop Online Retailers From Eating Away At Your Business

During a recent road trip, I stopped at a country store that dated back to the Revolutionary War. Creaky wooden floorboards, bright, tall windows,...

5 Hot Retail Trends You Can Implement In Your Retail Store Today


Personalized Retail Is The Future - Meet The Xerox Direct Object Printer

Remember the old Burger King jingle, Have it your way, have it your way?

5 Ways Brick and Mortar Retailers Should Prepare For Better Future 

First the bad news for retailers...

You know how I’ve included this quote from McKinsey in several of my previous blog posts, “Brick-and-mortar...

How Retail Store Of The Future Holds Keys For Retail Shopping Trends

Everyone is busy trying to understand and predict the future of shopping and of retail in particular.

How To Use Video To Engage Retail Customers

A lot is being written about how to engage retail customers in stores. That’s because there is a lot of interest in technology including apps,...

How Using Technology To Greet A Customer Is Just Plain Creepy

A survey from RichRelevance found that digital capabilities that identify, track, and use location and demographics land on the creepy side.


Retail Score - Cold Self-Service:0 Warm Humans:1


"Our customers want it!"

"Our customers just want to get in and get out"

"This makes it so much easier!"

How many years have we...

Retailers: Welcome Technology

I overheard a story the other day about a retailer banishing a customer for scanning their item with their iPhone. The shop employee figured they...

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