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How To Boost Retail Sales With Suggestive Selling

Bob Phibbs

You’ve made the big push in upgrading your retail store.You’ve curated a group of brands that make you stand out. You’ve hired better than the other guys, but you still need to do more.

Take a look at your suggestive selling, or as I call them, your add-ons where you really make your profit. Selling a second item or as some call it upselling, when you've already realized all the marketing costs on the first is the easiest way to to juice your profits.

Here’s the secret...

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Best Cross Selling Sales Tips for Retailers

Bob Phibbs

Cross selling is the art of suggesting additional, complementary items to someone who has already decided on a purchase.

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How To Get Higher Retail Sales: Suggestive Selling

Bob Phibbs

This post is for any retailer looking for how to train your team on suggestive selling techniques.  When you’re trying to build your retail sales - and who isn’t - there are really only three ways to do it:

  1. Get more visitors through the door and make a sale to them.

  2. Get those who have shopped with you to come in more often.

  3. Get those customers who come through your doors to buy more when they do come in.

Selling is easy when the customer already knows what they want or need. If they just want a pair of shoes or a new 4K television, it’s easy to just ring up their purchase and let them walk out the door.

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Revealed: The 4 Crucial Keys To Suggestively Selling An Add-On

Bob Phibbs

The final stage of a sale is used to suggestively sell an add-on to the main purchase.  

After the customer has made the big decision to buy the solution to their need that you found for them, it is the time you paint a picture of how another product or upgrade would extend their pleasure.

That’s because once you get a yes, it is much easier for the customer to say yes again.  

The customer has shown you that you have gained their trust.

But you must get that first yes before trying to upsell or you could overwhelm the customer with options.

So don’t rush it.

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Best Suggestive Selling Tips and Techniques for Luxury Retail Stores

Bob Phibbs

You want fries with that? is probably the most derided add-on question ever asked.

And at that time, the most valuable.

Just by training their employees to ask everyone the same question, McDonalds increased their sales dramatically.

Authors Jeffrey Stamp and Doug Hall  revealedin their book, Meaningful Marketing, that  “volume per purchase is 3.4 times more important than frequency of purchase in explaining the total amount that a customer purchases each year.”

In other words, get more from the customers you have before you try to get them to come back more often or try to get new ones.

Using suggestive selling is a great way to increase you per-ticket sales and generate more revenue for your retail store.

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