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How To Help Your Retail Employees Evolve So They Can Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

Bob Phibbs

I was consulting with a new luxury client. I was going to be working on their salesfloor, so he told me I would have to wear the old school uniform of a dark navy suit, tie - the works.

I went to the closest Nordstrom to buy a suit. A salesman approached and focused just on me. He wanted to know what type of retailer my client was, where else I might be wearing the suit, and he spent a good thirty minutes helping me pick out a suit and several conservative shirts.

When I tried on a light blue Canali shirt, I felt like I was a four-year old boy; my shirt covered not just my wrists and palms, but went beyond my fingers.

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Sales Training: The 5 Stupidest Questions To Ask Retail Shoppers

Bob Phibbs

People who sell retail have to up their game, or their brick and mortar stores will bleed customers.

And don’t blame online sales…

In spite of the relentless onslaught of online retailers, 85% of transactions are still expected to be done in a brick and mortar store well into 2025 according to McKinsey.

Since that’s the case, it would be good to stop looking at omnichannel and online retailers as the real foes of a brick and mortar store and confront the real one…

Most retailers don’t make us feel comfortable enough to buy from them.

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Retail Sales Training: How To Help New Employees Succeed

Bob Phibbs

Helping new employees succeed in your retail store is best accomplished with retail sales training that offers practical skills.

Practical skills are those that the motivated salesperson can put to work right away, not concepts that lend themselves to subjective interpretation.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Retail Sales Training, sales training for retail staff

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