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How To Avoid Being Or Hiring The Entitled Student Retail Employee

Bob Phibbs

This is a post for retailers who hire part-time employees yet avoid students. It’s also for students looking for part-time retail jobs, their parents, teachers, or counselors.

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9 Tips For Hiring And Training Holiday Retail Sales Employees

Bob Phibbs

Let’s be frank when it comes to hiring and training seasonal retail employees...

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How To Interview And Discover Amazing Retail Employees [Hiring]

Bob Phibbs

I made an orange dessert for some friends the other night. When one of my guests took a bite, his face soured; he said it tasted bitter.

I took a scoop and realized there was a rotten spot on the orange I hadn’t noticed; I had ruined his dessert.

Like most retailers, you want guests to view your store in a positive light.

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Retail Sales Tip:It's Not About How Neatly Your Merchandise Is Stacked

Bob Phibbs

I walked into a fully stocked and displayed upscale retailer. There were four of us in the store but it seemed void of employees.

As I walked further into the store, I saw an employee enter the cash wrap area; she had a clipboard. As I looked at a display and its POP, I couldn’t find one of the items listed.

I got her attention, she came over over and I asked her my question. She simply replied, “Out.” With that, she returned to walking by every display making notes on her clipboard.

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7 Skills Retail Employees Must Have To Deliver Customer Service

Bob Phibbs

Hiring is always tough for a retail store.

As the economy improves, every retailer should look at upgrading their employees so they can upgrade the customer service their store delivers. That means hiring smarter employees as well as cutting out dead wood.

The trouble is, the odds of hiring a keeper are about 50/50.

That’s because a new employee’s success is determined less by their interview and more by the past skills they’ve collected.

Their true success with you then lies with who and how you train them and with whom they will work.

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7 Eye-Openers For How To Hire Great Retail Employees

Bob Phibbs

Prior to his opening, I was asked to visit a franchise to evaluate his new crew. I discovered the team members were bland, boring and shy.

None of them were customer-focused.

Without that, the store would fail disastrously.

When I asked the small business owner why he hired them, he explained, having had a background hiring for a set of convenience stores, “I just wanted to be sure they wouldn’t steal from me.”

While the chances of a great hire are about 50%, many employers continue to pick the wrong employee over and over. 

How does it happen?

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Can You Pay A Living Wage To Your Retail Employees?

Bob Phibbs

Recently, Gap raised their minimum wage for their retail employees to $9 an hour for all of their brands; next June, they will raise it to $10.

IKEA too has just announced that on Jan.1, their rate will jump to $10.76 an hour.

To put that in perspective, that is 48% higher than the federal minimum.

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Retail Management Training: Should You Recruit Gay Men As Employees?

Bob Phibbs

It was at the the end of a day-long retail sales training program I was conducting with a group when one of the owners piped up, "What we need are some gay guys to sell our merchandise." I asked, "Why specifically gay men?"

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Retail Employee Interviewing Mistakes: Sell Me This Pen

Bob Phibbs

I've read more retailers are picking up the old, How would you sell me this pen? as an interview question for new hires.

The assumption is that the new hire better be able to do it or they won't be hired because it "obviously" shows if they are a good salesperson.


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