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1 Thing To Do Before Thanksgiving To Have Higher Retail Holiday Sales

Bob Phibbs

Holiday retail sales crunch time is days - not weeks - away.  Twenty-three years ago today I was planning the most important last minute detail - getting my employees motivated for a great holiday. 

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Topics: Retail Holiday Sales, retail employee training

Retail Customer Service: Beware Disgruntled Employees

Bob Phibbs

I was consulting with a major retailer the other day. Premium. High quality. Known brand.

The retail executive shared with me that when they put on a sale, they see a whole different customer than their regulars.

I found that particularly interesting because most people would have predicted their own customers came out in droves, but they really didn’t.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Customer Service, retail employee training

What the Upcoming Elections Mean for Business and Your Retail Training

Bob Phibbs

If you live in the United States, you are no doubt aware that there is a presidential election going on. (If you live outside the United States, I shudder to think what your opinion of us is right now.)

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Topics: Employee Management, retail employee training, politcs

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