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Here’s Why You Need To Get Serious About Your Own Retail Customer Service And Engagement

Bob Phibbs

Brick and mortar stores have the ability to surprise and delight. So does a downtown shopping area.

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Topics: Online shopping, Retail Sales Training, Amazon

How to Find Strength In Being A Brick and Mortar Retail Store

Bob Phibbs

This is a post for retailers with physical stores competing with online shopping and technology that threatens their retail sales.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Online shopping, Retail Sales Training

Retail Sales Shocker: Amazon Rumored To Open 100s of Stores

Bob Phibbs

When it came to bookstores, the dirty little secret was that customers would come into the indie or chain bookstore, then secretly purchase on Amazon.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Online shopping, Amazon

Here's Why You Should Forget Adding An Online Retail Store

Bob Phibbs

I hear a lot of independent bricks and mortar stores saying they need to build an online store.

The expectations is millions of people perusing your products, shipping to exotic locales like Pacoima, Paris or Peru.

A website delivering the amount of customers you lost in the last two years with low overhead.

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Topics: Online shopping, omnichannel, online sales

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