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5 Retail Management Practices That Can Bring A Customer First Focus To Your Store

When I was selling cowboy clothes in the Santa Monica Place mall back in 1982, I received a call. “I’m Kris Kristofferson’s manager, do you have a...

Millennials, He Wrote: How Retailers Are Paying The Price For Ignoring Baby Boomer Customers

Yesterday, the New York Times ran the story, Bargain-Hunting Frenzy Threatens Traditional Department Stores. Macy’s, Nordstrom and others’...

The New Frugality: How to Reach Out to Retail Consumers Who Want to Buy Less

Buying less is a concept that seemed out of style for consumers beginning with the go-go 80’s until about three years ago.  

Millennials: Here’s What It Will Take For Them To Succeed In Retail

In the Wall Street Journal article, What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind? Alison Gopnik takes an in-depth look at two trends affecting the...

Millennial Generation Retail Employees: 5 Tips To Avoid Them Quitting

The truth is, Millennial generation employees leave managers, not companies. If you are wondering why you can’t keep good employees - especially...

What Every Retailer Must Know About The Millennial Generation

Many retailers would rather hire a 50-year-old who they think has more of a work ethic than hire a 20-something Millennial.

Managing Millennial Retail Employees: Are You Managing Yours?

I was in a store as retail consultant, teaching how to do a display with a manager. We were creating a simple four-tier display using navy and...

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