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Millennials, He Wrote: How Retailers Are Paying The Price For Ignoring Baby Boomer Customers

Bob Phibbs

Yesterday, the New York Times ran the story, Bargain-Hunting Frenzy Threatens Traditional Department Stores. Macy’s, Nordstrom and others’ earnings look especially bleak after the government reported that overall retail spending had ticked higher in April.

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The New Frugality: How to Reach Out to Retail Consumers Who Want to Buy Less

Bob Phibbs

Buying less is a concept that seemed out of style for consumers beginning with the go-go 80’s until about three years ago.  

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Topics: Retail Sales Training, Millennial, Baby Boomer, how to sell, how to attract customers, frugality

Millennials: Here’s What It Will Take For Them To Succeed In Retail

Bob Phibbs

In the Wall Street Journal article, What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind? Alison Gopnik takes an in-depth look at two trends affecting the maturation of teenagers.

She has found puberty is kicking in earlier and earlier, and that teenagers are taking on adult roles later and later.

She says in part, “In the past, to become a good gatherer or hunter, cook or caregiver, you would actually practice gathering, hunting, cooking and taking care of children all through middle childhood and early adolescence.

But you'd do all that under expert adult supervision and in the protected world of childhood, where you would have experienced the impact of your inevitable failures and learned from them.”

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Millennial Generation Retail Employees: 5 Tips To Avoid Them Quitting

Bob Phibbs

The truth is, Millennial generation employees leave managers, not companies. If you are wondering why you can’t keep good employees - especially Millennial generation employees - here are five reasons and solutions:

Your onboarding process.

In the old days, you’d give an employee a handbook, let them shadow someone for a week, and you would feel they were trained. Most of them, however, were still really winging it.

That isn’t going to work in 2015.

Why? Millennial associates are much less concerned with working for a company for a long time. When it gets boring, most will move on to another company before you’ll have time to write them up.

You can’t just let them be a warm body who just shows up, takes out the trash, and stocks the shelves.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Employee Management, retail employee, Millennial

What Every Retailer Must Know About The Millennial Generation

Bob Phibbs

Many retailers would rather hire a 50-year-old who they think has more of a work ethic than hire a 20-something Millennial.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Retail Consultant, Millennial, Baby Boomer

Managing Millennial Retail Employees: Are You Managing Yours?

Bob Phibbs

I was in a store as retail consultant, teaching how to do a display with a manager. We were creating a simple four-tier display using navy and yellow as the primary colors. (A great example of how to display correctly is at left from ZOZOs in the Minneapolis airport concourse.)

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