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How 5 Independent Retailers Are Killing It With Facebook Live Video - And How You Can Too

Bob Phibbs

Looking for free or low cost marketing ideas for your retail small business? Facebook Live video has provided you a golden opportunity as I highlighted in this post

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How To Use Live Video on Facebook Pages When Marketing Your Business

Bob Phibbs

Live video has come to Facebook much like Periscope came to Twitter last year.  There are some big distinctions between the social media sites, not the least of which is that 70% of Facebook users engage with the site daily versus 36% of Twitter users.

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7 Ways Facebook Can Attract Customers To Your Retail Business [pics]

Bob Phibbs

Retailers, there is a good chance that many of your brick and mortar customers and prospective customers are online.

Not online to buy primarily, but online via social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to belong.

You know that because you’re on FB too.

You are on Facebook, right?

If not, you’re missing the boat.

Big time.

Social media offers an easy way to reach and influence your own unique niche shopper base. But managing your social media presence might lead you to do some bad things …

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