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What Do Shoppers Value and Want When They Walk Into Retail Stores?

Bob Phibbs

We now value the worth of something by how picture-ready it is. I got caught up in it myself while staying in Los Angeles recently.

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Topics: Discounting, Retail Sales Training, Shopper behavior

Don’t Be The Luxury Retailer That Had To Close Due To Discounting

Bob Phibbs

Luxury has come to a crossroads.

What once was exclusive and in high demand is now regularly discounted.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Discounting, Luxury Retail

Steep Discounts For Holiday Retail Sales Not News

Bob Phibbs

Every dire prediction for holiday retail sales always comes down to discounting and haggling.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Discounting, Small Business

7 Reasons Discounts and Coupons Shouldn't Be Used For Your Retail Marketing

Bob Phibbs


Before you read on, if you are one of the extreme couponers or use them religiously, this site, this blog and this post are not for you.

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Topics: Marketing, Discounting

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