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5 Ways Brick and Mortar Retailers Should Prepare For Better Future 

Bob Phibbs

First the bad news for retailers...

You know how I’ve included this quote from McKinsey in several of my previous blog posts, “Brick-and-mortar stores should still account for approximately 85 percent of US retail sales in 2025”?

Turns out it’s probably wrong.

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How the Chicago Cubs Show How To Fix Brick and Mortar Retail Sales

Bob Phibbs

Update: The Cubs start the world series tonight. They had not won the National League pennant in 71 years until finally winning it this year. You can tell a winning team as this blog I wrote many months ago shows...

I was watching the Yankees and the Red Sox game last week.  Both teams seemed like they were just going through the motions. I was bored because they seemed bored.

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