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Retail Sales Training: How To Sell More In Your Store

05 | 27 | 15

retail sales training how to sell more"How can I sell more to customers?" is a frequent question from retailers of all sizes.

And it's the smart question.

That's because many companies are trying all kinds of marketing to get their name out there. The trouble is, what happens when all that hard work brings the customer through your doors and they don't open their wallets?

Or worse, they open their smartphones and buy from a competitor. While inside your shop.

The question "How to Sell More" is best answered by a 4 step approach:

1. Understand the major differences that drive millenials, boomers, and gen-xers
2. Learn what each generation needs before they will buy (and no, it's not checking Amazon).
3. Deliver excellent customer service
4. Listen, acknowledge, solve, and think to get to the hear of their complaint and give them a solution.

Here are several articles and tips about retail selling that have proven helpful to all kinds of retail businesses:

10 Retail Selling Tips

Retail selling tips for small business, service providers or commissioned salespeople

What Every Retailer Needs To Know About the Millennial Generation

Understand the major differences that drive Millennials, Boomers, and Gen-Xers and learn what this generation needs before they will buy and no, it's not checking Amazon.

11 Ways To Attract Customers and Get More Foot Traffic For Your Shop

Here's how to make the most of what you have to get customers in the door.

Resolve Customer Service Complaints in Four Easy Steps

Use this four-step system to deliver excellent customer service: listen, acknowledge, solve and thank to get to the heart of their complaint and give them a solution.

Training To Sell The More Expensive Item

The lack of retail sales training leads employees to sell cheap as the answer… and that’s expensive for your business.

How Retailers Can Create Raving Fans

Video snippets are very effective on Facebook or even in an email. This post includes a great example.

Want to learn the secrets of training your employees to interact with customers, sell your merchandise and like their job better?

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