"Innovation is a powerful weapon in retail sales. Don't get left behind."

The Innovation Lab

A day-long program envisioning the challenges of your stores, the 30 current trends and a process to dramatically shape your future.

A day-long program envisioning the challenges of your stores, the 30 current trends and a process to dramatically shape your future. 


Brand new for 2016!


Let Bob Phibbs take your business to a new level by facilitating an extended experience just for your attendees to explore the current retail trends of exciting possibilities, explore the challenges of your stores and come up with a plan to create a positive future for your stores. 


Leadership is being open to the possibility we may come up with one or several new ideas for your store; it’s not expecting things to be fool-proof, easy or vetted by someone else – it is about collaborating to harness the power of the group and the knowledge each one brings to the project.


Here are some of the sessions:


What Every Retailer Ought to Know About the Macro Trends Affecting Brick and Mortar Shops

The retail world is constantly evolving with new technology, platforms and requirements to be an employer of choice. This session will help attendees understand the challenges and current state of the industry. You’ll be able to identify over thirty major trends shaping customer and employee behavior.


The Difficult Conversation

Why whisper about the problems on break? Get the crappy feelings out there and analyze why brick and mortar store’s prominence for consumers is declining and describe why the problems are occurring. It isn’t just customers; it’s a lot of things including how we treat our customers. Examples from the audience of truly challenging problems as well as customer pet peeves will be explored once and only once in this short session.


We’re Not Dinosaurs Marching into the Desert: Making Our Store Fun Again

Working in small groups, participants will be discovering fun opportunities to address several of the trends shared in the first session while tackling several areas of the retail store experience. 


Hacking My Store: How I’ll Put it All Together

The fun experience of creativity, practical innovation and breakthroughs means nothing if we don’t use it. This session will concretize the best ideas so you can take them  to your team for a more successful 2016.


Forget best practices of others, let the Retail Doctor facilitate your event with an eye towards the future, not a hope for the past.

The Retail Doctor
Don't lose out by failing to adapt to the demands of today's tech era.

In today’s digital age, failing to learn how to innovate is a grave mistake. This positive brainstorming, collaborating and strategy-setting experience will empower your members. They'll leave excited about change and the possibilites from asking, What if we....?

Retail Doctor

Discover new ways to draw customers to your brand as Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor shares his insider secrets in a day-long session with your crew or conference. 

Retail Doctor

Participants will be envisioning and experimenting with the collected ideas for the retail model for the future. You’ll be guided through today’s market trends and use these trends to impact your future.