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Retail Keynote Speaker: Marketing Smarter Than Your Competition

Using the Internet to attract, hold on to, and grow your market

Retail speaker has shown that marketing has evolved to making it easy to show up to those customers searching for your products. To make more money, you need to get in front of those people looking for your products or services by getting top rankings on search engines and getting a spot in the top three search results.

In this speech, Bob Phibbs the Retail Doctor will share his insider secrets in a keynote, breakout or other session so your audience will learn how to:

  • Use the Internet to get noticed by prospects and customers
  • Avoid the three most common errors on a website
  • Identify the type of personality that’s most likely to get caught up in Facebook
  • Use video with real-world examples to change the way your customers shop
  • Discover new ways to pull customers to you
  • Easily unlock the secrets of a huge Facebook fan page
  • Prevent common mistakes of small businesses on Twitter
  • And more…

Discover the future of marketing is participation. This presentation helps you attract customers, engage your customers and nurture your customers in new ways.

“If I had a nickel for every time you were mentioned from the stage (“… it’s like Bob said yesterday.”), I’d be a rich man. You were easily the most-quoted retail speaker at the show.”
– James Bickers, Retail Customer Experience Executive Summit

“Bob presented two outstanding sessions at our recent market. Member attendance at both was overwhelming, and their comments on Bob’s presentations are among the most positive we have ever seen. Bob understands retail and small business. He gave our members practical advice on customer engagement and store display techniques that they can take back to their operations to drive an immediate positive impact”. – Bob Taylor, President & CEO, Do it Best Corp.

Hire retail marketing expert Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor to help you attract more customers to your store, website, and social media sites and grow your business.