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Don't settle for mediocre retail performance. The SalesRX training program begins by teaching the fundamentals of retail sales and creating an exceptional customer experience so your sales team will be confident in their abilities. Whether novice or seasoned veteran, the comprehensive training will help you motivate them to perform at their highest level.

Revolutionary interactive training means each learner has a personalized experience. Much more than video training or books could ever deliver! It is as if Bob is virtually training each one of your employees the skills to sell more in your store.

See what SalesRX can do for you!

With SalesRX You Will:
Other Features Include:
  • Over 60 courses in 10 categories so you learn the exact steps to succeed.
  • Ability to track the uptake and effectiveness of your programs down to region, district and store levels.
  • Actionable, impactful videos designed for today's learner.
  • Certificate of completion to ensure they know their stuff.
  • Closed-captioning so Bob can train any employee, anywhere, in any language.
  • Courses just for managers so they can make the retail sales training stick.
  • Engaging, user-friendly interfaces that focus the learner.
  • Entertaining video-based virtual training modules so you engage your people.
  • Everyone from your newest part-timer to seasoned veteran learn the exact same information at their own pace.
  • Instant access to a suite of measurable features and tools to track how your employees are doing so you can reward or counsel as appropriate.
  • One-on-one training delivered to your units anywhere in the world.
  • Robust, real-time tracking and reporting capabilities to provide the ultimate in accountability.
  • Scorecards to see how your employees are progressing.
  • Turn-key system easily managed without other resources.
SalesRX training helps our company and sales staff operate better as sales professionals. I credit the Retail Doctor SalesRX with our almost perfect score obtained recently in Apple's new mystery shopper program. Thanks for helping CityMac stay one of the best in this competitive retail environment. JEFF BRODERICK — CityMac
Phibbs’ online training program offers a direct, real world approach to training and is helping us transform an already stellar customer experience into a memorable event for each and every customer. Putting our new employees through this training helps them overcome their shyness and compensates for their initial lack of knowledge. GARRET CLEVERSLY — MacSolutions Plus, Inc.
I have been Manager of the Northwest Indiana ReStore for just over four years  I just had my best month ever in sales. With SalesRX, we have reached a new level of service. KIM DeRISI — ReStore
The program is extremely comprehensive for new and existing team members. Simply put, it has allowed everyone to speak the same selling language. It has helped the division increase Units per Transaction, increase average sale price and most importantly, increase sales by 108%. We are a timepiece company showing growth in a time when many people believe they do not need a watch to tell time because they have a cell phone. C.N. — National Manager Retail Operations
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