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With On Demand Retail Sales Training

SalesRX is everything you need to train your retail crew how to sell more, any time, anywhere.

Stop settling for mediocre employee performance and uneven customer service. Your sales team will grow confidence in their abilities with the SalesRX training program because it presents the fundamentals of how to engage a shopper, close the sale and create an exceptional customer experience for your customer. What to say, what to avoid, where to stand - it's all here. Whether novice or seasoned veteran, the comprehensive training will help them perform at their highest level.


The way customers shop has changed

They’re researching online and with social media. The only way to convert them from lookers to buyers when they visit your brick and mortar store is with an engaged and motivated crew.

Deliver Confidence To Your Team

Poor sales performance can be the result of a lack of understanding of how to properly approach, engage and sell. The SalesRX sales training program gives learners confidence in their unique abilities so they convert more lookers to buyers and with higher average ticket. 

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Increase Sales Without Discounting

Associates sell more when they can consistently engage customers in a value-based manner, rather than a price-based manner. Conversion rates and average number of units rise with SalesRX which means less markdowns, empowered associates and lower turnover. 

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Measure Real Time Progress

Sales RX allows your team members to track their progress through the courses and to become certified. Additionally, it allows your management team to track and measure progress and performance so that you can ensure each team member has the best chance for success. 


Turn Customers Into Influencers

Retail sales is about people. When your team treats your customers correctly, they will return. More importantly, when customers have a consistent exceptional experience, they will tell their friends, remark to their family and leave positive reviews about your brand, attracting new customers into your stores. 

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Effectively Manage Your Training

SalesRX also includes a set of train-the-trainer lessons to help managers effectively train, motivate, and manage their retail staff on the floor. By learning how to inspect what they expect from their learners, the properly trained manager will be able to encourage and motivate each team member to reach their sales potential.

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