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Higher Sales. More Profit.

Train your team with the #1 on-demand retail training system.

What Can SalesRX Do For You?

Don't settle for mediocre retail sales performance. The SalesRX training program not only teaches the fundamentals of retail sales, it also gives your team the tools necessary to create exceptional customer experiences. Whether novice or seasoned veteran, the comprehensive training will motivate every team member to perform at their highest level, resulting in a better buying experience, high sales per customer and ultimately, more profit.


The way customers shop has changed.

Converting browsers into buyers requires an engaged and motivated sales team. SalesRX makes that a reality. Schedule a demo to see what SalesRX can do for you.

Motivate Your Team

Poor sales performance can be the result of a lack of understanding of how to properly relate, engage, diagnose, and sell to customers. The SalesRX training program provides the fundamentals that give your team the confidence to perform at their highest level.

Increase Sales

Associates sell more when they know how to interact customers in a value based manner. SalesRX teaches how to build rapport, identify needs, present benefits, and add on to every sale. SalesRX extensively covers each of these skills and tests for comprehension.

Encourage Repeat Customers

When your team treats your customers correctly, they will return. More importantly, they will tell their friends and family and may even leave positive reviews about your business, which will attract new customers to your stores.

Manage More Effectively

SalesRX includes lessons to help managers more effectively train, motivate, and manage their retail staff. By learning how to inspect what they expect from their team, managers will help each individual reach their retail sales potential.

Cover-online-buyer-guide.jpgDownload this complete guide to answer all your questions.

See how online sales training can address many of your concerns and build a foundation for continued succcess in your stores. 

This guide is meant for retailers who are aware of the new challenges they face and are searching for the answers to at least one, if not several of the following questions:

  •      * How can I improve conversions of shoppers to customers?
  •      * How can I sell our full-price, premium merchandise?
  •      * How do I effectively train my crews to sell in all my stores?
  •      * Where can I find an effective train-the-trainer program?
  •      * What will online training do for you?
  •      * How does online retail sales training work and what are its benefits?

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