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Get a Step-by-Step Guide to Quickly Diagnose, Treat and Cure

The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business

Why do you find yourself repeating your same mistakes in hiring and firing, and how can your correct it? It makes no difference whether you are a Scorpio or an Aries, left-brained or right-brained or from Mars or Venus—it depends on which of the four personality styles you are.

In this comprehensive guide you’ll discover:

  • Three secrets to turning your merchandise in your store twice as fast.
  • How your aversion or embrace of financial metrics links to your personality style and the easy way to deal with it
  • Seven elements of hiring only the best so you don’t hire your competitors’ leftovers.
  • How to unearth the personality style of any applicant quickly and fairly.
  • Which personality you are and how it can help or hurt your business.
  • Which reports are essential to taking the temperature of your business and which can most move the needle to profitability.
  • Why one poor hiring can damage your company’s reputation and how to plan smart.
  • Which social media give you the best return on your investment of time and which are a complete waste of time.
  • How to create an exceptional experience for customers that drives profits.
  • Tried and true tips for converting people looking for your product into loyal customers.
  • And much more….

In The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business, you get a crash course in the wisdom that started with the ancient Greeks and is easily seen, trained and used in sales today. Once the veil has been lifted, you might even understand your partner, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend better because you’ll see their personalities in real situations throughout the book.

What People Are Saying

If you have a retail store, you should pick up a copy of a great new book: The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business. In this book, Bob Phibbs, the ‘Retail Doctor,’ helps you with any issue your retail business may have – from marketing more effectively, to mark-ups and price points, increasing profit and much more.

USA Today

I’ve had to start training a couple of new people and it’s something that I haven’t had to do in a few years. The four personalities test has certainly been in my mind during this process. I like that you’ve been able to link the traits through different aspects of store operation. Great, concise examples that get to the point. Some concepts are brand new to me; some are great reminders of things pushed to the back of the mind. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone thinking of starting a business or anyone who is already in business.

Catherine Higgins, Stone Soup Bar Harbor, ME

DON’T BUY THIS BOOK IF YOU ARE A COMPETITOR OF MINE! – but otherwise Bob Phibbs has great advice that that will enable you to make more money and have a successful business.

Tom Sullivan, Chairman/Founder, Lumber Liquidators

There’s no denying that retailers have taken a beating lately. But the smart ones find a way to stop the bleeding and start looking ahead for new opportunities. With his plainspoken style and real-world anecdotes, Bob Phibbs gets back to basics and provides a helpful guide for entrepreneurs determined to survive the current downturn — and position themselves for the next big upswing.

Rod Kurtz Senior Editor, Inc. Magazine

Everyone knows that it is important to gain sales, but most do not know what that really takes or how to do it. This book will lead you on a journey that describes, analyzes, and provides real world examples how to really affect change with your business. If you will follow the treatment given, you’ll be rewarded with the most important measures of a businesses’ success-profits, not just sales.

Georgette Mosbacher,CEO, Borghese Cosmetics

Bob Phibbs presents more useful information in his typically direct and thought provoking style that challenges you to really assess the performance of your business, your employees, and most importantly yourself. We often talk about personality types in leadership training and development but it is not typically thought about in relation to the customer. Bob shows how these personality types play a role for you, your employees, and your customer; and shows how it can be most useful in looking for new approaches.

Kurt Rachdorf, Retail Operations Senior Manager, LEGO US Store Operations

Phibbs new book addresses everything necessary to take the pulse of your retail operation so you can find the cure. Whether it’s managing staff, merchandising or producing real sales it prescribes a hands-on, real world, step-by-step approach to managing your business. Good news! The Doctor is in the House.

Joseph Dagley,Yamaha Motor University

Bob blends his extensive retail experience and his direct style to tell it like it is. As retailers we may not always like what he says, but it’s hard to argue with the basics of running a successful business.  In a market influenced by almost endless competition for the consumers dollar, retailers need to continually ask themselves tough questions about what TRULY differentiates their offering. Bob effectively reminds us of this hard reality. Bobs analytical approach allows us to better understand the filter through which we see our businesses. Only by adjusting our focus are we able to evaluate the true state of affairs.

Alistair Linton, Director of Retail Development, Benjamin Moore Paint

During my 30 years in the small business arena, Bob stands out as a ‘pro’s pro’ in retail marketing. If you’re determined to accelerate your growth, his street-smart book is a must. Buy it, read it, do it!

Steve Olson Publisher, Franchise Update Media Group

“Phibbs no-nonsense approach to understanding your business and how to improve it is direct and refreshing. The concept of being objective and taking responsibility for your business can quickly make all the difference between success and failure and Bob brings that to the table right from the start of this book.  Great inspiration for any business owner!

Jeff Janke, VP Retail Alliance Programs, Hunter Douglas

Bob Phibbs has been my go-to retail expert for many years and his book shows why: He draws from a deep well of knowledge, presenting his advice in practical, easy-to-digest fashion. By explaining how entrepreneurs can evaluate themselves and their customers, Phibbs tailors this book to specific individual types that retailers will be quick to recognize. This is not a shallow primer, but a comprehensive prescription from The Retail Doctor.

Karen E. Klein, small business columnist, BusinessWeek.com and The Los Angeles Times

Nothing in business is guaranteed. However, The Retail Doctors Guide to Growing your Business is guaranteed to help you gain insight into the do’s and don’t’s of successful retailing…. Consider this book your survival manual to compete in the challenging world of retail.

Dean F. Shulman Sr. VP, Brother international

If you want to grow your business, the book in your hand right now is the place to start. Bob Phibbs is one of the top retail experts in the country; he’s not called ‘The Retail Doctor’ for nothing. This step-by-step guide will show you – using real life examples and savvy strategies – just how to get from here to where you want to be. My prescription for small business success is to read The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business.

Steven D. Strauss, USA TODAY small business columnist and author of The Small Business Bible.

Bob’s approach is no-nonsense, and his back-to-basics philosophy is something a lot of retailers need to hear right now. I would advise keeping a highlighter handy.

James Bickers, Sr. Editor, RetailCustomerExperience.com

What You’ll Get

Like my first book, You Can Compete, this is a fast ride even though it is twice as thick. You can read a chapter at a time and immediately alter your course!

There’s a reason USA Today said, “If you have a retail store, you should pick up a copy of a great new book: The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business. In this book, Bob Phibbs, the ‘Retail Doctor,’ helps you with any issue your retail business may have—from marketing more effectively, to mark-ups and price points, increasing profit and much more.”

No, there’s not an ounce of useless drivel you’ve heard before. There’s no “We must respect and nurture our customers as guests.” Shoot me. There are no tired selling concepts like always be closing.

That’s because this book is written in the real world, the world where retailers are enjoying 20-50% increases from tweaking things they are already doing right and abandoning those that, like a bad habit, haven’t served them.

A final thing, and it’s important. Let’s be honest, what’s missing in most cable business shows, blogs and newspapers is hope. Hope you can be better, hope you can change, hope you can thrive. I see it in all audiences I speak to; they are parched travelers in a desert.

If you truly want to stand out from the rest, this book will give you the prescription for what ails you.

The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business

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