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Take my personality quiz to gain insight into your individual strengths and how you can leverage them for retail success!

No matter your personality type, you can leverage your unique abilities to engage your customers and make better sales. This quiz will not only give you insight into your own type, but will also teach you to recognize, relate to, and connect with the other types to build a solid sales team.

There are no good or bad personality types—we all have elements of each. Understanding individual motivators is the key to better managing your retail sales and customer service employees. By learning about each of the personality types and watching my video on the results page you will:

  • Learn to leverage your employees' and your own innate abilities to close more sales
  • Understand which personality types are best for certain sales environments
  • Master the dos and don'ts of training by personality style
  • Teach yourself and your employee to have meaningful, profitable conversations with your customers

Take my fun, easy quiz to discover your own personality style today! Only you can verify if it is correct and results can vary based on your answers. There is no right or wrong personality and results are provided for your own education.

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