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    What’s the sweet spot for length of live videos for Facebook?

    Q: "What's the sweet spot for time in terms of live videos for Facebook?"

    A: It's all over the map. I used to think they had to be three minutes, but the long form seems to get me a lot more engagement. I know when I did the podcast on Melanie in the UK, hers tend to be really long and I've seen other people with fashion shows at the 15 mark, I think about 20 is the most my audience likes.

    But you know what the way to find out? Go into your insights and you can actually watch when people fall off. That's why I put the most juicy points at the end because I'm trying to get you to hang out longer.

    Facebook LIVE videos get six times as much engagement as other posts so the reason you're looking for right length is to get more views, right?

    You have to pay if you want your video to be seen so after I do a live video, I boost it for 36 hours. You should too.

    Then when you look at the results, the cost of a Facebook Ad promoted is about one penny, versus if you upload you own that could be as much as 35 cents or even more, because the engagement level isn't high enough. 

    The key to getting the sweet spot in video is having something helpful for your viewers to watch, not just you got this product in or you're having a great time down at the store.

    When you are properly prepared, the sweet spot is having enough engaging content that your viewers are sorry to have to leave. I hope that helps.

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